04 March 2007

When they're not *not* eating

Models like to walk around town looking fierce. Not too quickly, though, or hints of muscle tone might creep into their legs.

And they know how Karl Lagerfeld feels about muscle tone.

The models taking part in this week's Fashion Week in Paris are no exception. From a fabulous black winter coat with a funnel neck or Peter Pan collar (pictures 1, 3 and 6 are particularly enviable) to a pair of slouchy, lived-in leather boots to oversized leather satchels to the opaque-tights-with-animal-print-heels look, these models' street style, I have to admit, is pretty darn hip.

Of the 103 snaps Elle photographers took yesterday of these creepy-crawly, unnaturally pretty, always smoking six-foot creatures during the 22 hours they weren't working their bony bottoms off, here are my 10 favorite and the 10 I believe are most DC-interpretable:


bff in chicago said...

LOVE that coat in the third picture. And what really gets me is that for us, it'd be more than $2,000, but she probably picked it up for free. Damn it, life is just not fair sometimes.

Anonymous said...

the black tights and boots look seems pretty popular. Is that work appropriate? With a skirt, I mean.

I think you're brilliant said...

that black bag in the second to last picture -- do you know what it is? I love it!

brown rowergirl said...

you should get your hair cut like the model in the first picture.

oh wait, you already had that your entire childhood! hah hah hah, I kid 'cause I love, babe.