04 March 2007

Your virtual stylist is open for business.

Last week, an anonymous reader asked if I'd be willing to address reader-provided questions on fashion, celebrity inanity and how my dog grew to be the tiny style sage he currently is.

For those who know me, a request to share with the world my style preferences, my justification behind those preferences, celebrity gossip and anything Montesquieu-related will always get the same resounding answer: YES!

I should preface this, however, with the reminder that I have a certain style - a style that might not agree with your style - and that the advice I proffer will likely be laced with harsh judgment and sound-more-like-statements-of-fact opinions than opinion opinions.

If you have a question you'd like me to dig my 4-inch heels into, please contact me at:


a fan said...

Oooh! I can't wait to read these! Be mean! Be mean!

In other words, be your delightfully bitchy self :-)

Anonymous said...

are you going to post them here too? or just answer privately? I'd love to read other peoples questions etc...

Johanna said...

I'll be posting them for all to see! No worries!

I simply thought more people would be willing to ask if I made a private e-mail discussion an option.

Feel free to send your questions publicly, too.