13 March 2007

Maybe I will see "Black Snake Moan" after all...

I know these shots of Christina are probably photo-shopped to the hilt, but even so, I'm now seriously considering reallocating the $10.75 I was saving for my second showing of 300 to listen to bluegrass and watch Ms. Ricci chained to a radiator for 2+ hours.

That I would use my own money to see a film in which Justin Timberlake has even a small part is a testament to how seriously I'm considering Christina for membership to my girl-crush club.

Granted, in the film, she's too thin, has a busted lip, bad dye job and spends the majority of her time acting strung out in nothing but a super-cropped Confederate Flag tee and pair of suspiciously soiled bikini briefs, but perhaps the longer I look at these photos, the easier it will be to mentally superimpose this makes-her-look-half-Asian makeup job over all those facial lacerations.

Christina Ricci looking damn hot in haute couture in the new issue of mean magazine*:

*it looks like the JV needs to give the Varsity some help when it comes to choosing a knock-your-socks-off cover shot. Marie Claire, take note.


dc girl said...

Photo-shopped is right, but wow, she looks great.

Doesn't that last one remind you of her suit from "Mermaids"? Kinda creepy to think about, but it's true.

jessica said...

She looks better than I've ever seen her look here. You don't even notice the five-head!

Anonymous said...

Definitely your type.