13 March 2007

An unsettling feeling

It's an unsettling feeling, one that even casts doubt upon my own unwaveringly sound judgment, when I look at a picture of Britney Spears, another of Jessica Biel, point to the former and say, "I'd rather have her legs."

But strangely enough, that was the swift conclusion I reached while looking at the following photos, both taken yesterday.

Look closely and you'll see BitBit's got lovely, shapely runner's calves, while Biel-tastic is unequivocally the comptroller of Cankleville.

It breaks my heart, it really does, to know that a woman whose most strenuous exercise involves hooking up with some Guido after an all-night Vegas bender out-legs the hottest, most dedicated gym-rat in Los Angeles, but like that Ethiopian girl Angelina didn't choose at the orphanage knows painfully well, life isn't always fair.

I guess we all know now why Jess overcompensates with an up-to-her-ears badunk-a-dunk and wears an inordinate number of floor-sweeping column gowns. Girl's ripped and smart.


AnĂ³nimo No Mas said...

Only from the knees down, Brit's thighs leave a little something to be desired (and usually not much to the imagination)

Melissa said...

I'm with anonimo no mas, I would take Biel's ankles over Britney's thighs any day.

Johanna said...

Girls, you're SO right. I should have been more careful and said that Britney *out-calved* not out-legged Jessica.

No matter how in-shape Britney is, her thights always look like they're one skipped workout and a Pop Tart away from a size 8.

AnĂ³nimo No Mas said...

Phew, she's come to her senses!

dc girl said...

Why, oh why, did you have to show us Jessica's calves? They are seriously dump-worthy. Yick.

Anonymous said...

AND let us not forget, Britney is wearing heels, Biel is barefoot. It makes a difference.