27 February 2007

Kind of a major letdown

Scarlett wasn't there.

Sienna wasn't there.

Natalie wasn't there.

Out of my five perennial red carpet favorites, only two - Cate and Penelope - showed up to show off at this year's Academy Awards.

What's even more disappointing than not getting to gaze at Scarlett's heaving chest, Sienna's glorious back and Natalie's perfect face, however, is the recent photographic evidence I've come across that shows Natalie may be losing her style touch.

And if she's not careful, her spot in my top five as well.

I'm all for Philip K. Dick-inspired risks like this and this, but when you show up to Georgio Armani's Armani Privé pre-Oscar party/fashion show in a cheap-looking LBD with Bedazzler detailing and ankle strap shoes, both of which I'm pretty sure I saw at Delia's - and then on two girls at my 1994 and 1995 Homecoming and Sadie Hawkins dances, respectively - you are click-click-clicking on very thin fashion ice.

If that weren't bad enough (which it is), the next night at the Vanity Fair Oscar after-party at Morton's, Natalie showed up once again strapped up in leg-shortening ankle-strap heels and a wrong-as-can-be, busy-as-hell LBD with side pleats made from a different material than the body of the dress, some kind of butterfly-looking neckline, and a waist-cinch that wasn't doing its job and that made the itty-bitty actress look like a 28 when she's really a 25.

Eva Mendes is waiting in the wings, Natalie. Tread carefully...


bff in chicago said...

I'm shocked at that first dress. She wore that to an Armani party?? Does that mean it's an Armani dress?

It can't be.

brown rowergirl said...

she's looking thicker than I remember. I'd say a 26, not a 25.

Anonymous said...

at least her hair and makeup look good.

And, she's got the one accessory that rescues her from every fashion disaster: the prettiest face in the room.

knew you as hannie said...

I think I saw that dress at our '94 Homecoming, too.

Not good.