17 February 2007

"Your girl is lovely, Hubbell."

Since seeing "The Way We Were" for the first time this past Wednesday (aka Valentine's Day), I've been trying to find a way to weave that last heartbreaking scene into a fashion-relevant post.

But in four days and three nights, I haven't come up with anything that would properly convey the there-is-always-one-you-never-get-over message in just the right way. So instead, I'll just let you watch the classic cinematic moment along with a clip from "Sex & the City" inspired by it.

I may not look like a Katie, thank goodness, but I sure am one in spirit.



brown bear '02 said...

I wish that clip included the part where Babs and Robert first see each other across the street. You can SO feel the love through your screen!

Great SATC scene as well. Darlin', we're all Carries -- and by "all" I mean the girls in our group. No plain Janes allowed!

Anonymous said...

It's kind of like the lyrics to "12 Haunted Episodes." Love that song.

Johanna said...

Just looked it up, and "12 Haunted Episodes" is an album -- to which song were you referring? Or do you mean the entire album?

Just curious. I'm always looking for new sad music to add to my many sad iMixes :-)

Anonymous said...

You know--"Haunted Episodes." I wonder what you are thinkin',/ Under the rooftops there/ Pullin' tangles from your hair.."

Johanna said...

Ah-ha! Found it. Loved the lyrics on paper, then listened to it on iTunes and loved it even more.

I downloaded it and think I'll make it track 5 of my "I Miss Him" mix, in between Neil Diamond's "Captain of a Shipwreck" and Emmylou Harris' "Makin' Believe".

I have to be honest, I had never heard Graham Parker's music before you brought it to my attention. Thank you!