17 February 2007

Where to go to get it ripped off right

I should have included this list in the "For no one but *you*" post I wrote earlier in the afternoon, but the beauty of a blog is that you can remedy your mistakes as soon as you recognize them.

And just to reassure you, none of the aestheticians who work in these establishments wear those unnerving face masks. You'll have to go to the suburban malls for that kind of super-very-special-good service.

Yes, you know what I mean.

And yes, I realize just because I'm half doesn't make it okay.

DC-area salons that rip-it-off right:
1. Blue Mercury (Dupont - 1619 ConnAve NW, 202-462-1300)*
2. Blue Mercury (Georgetown - 3059 M Street NW, 202-965-1300)
3. Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa (5225 WiscAve, NW, 202-362-9890)
4. The Spa (Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 202-787-6100)
5. O Salon (1079 WiscAve, NW, 202-338-9100)
6. Aveda Georgetown Spa (1325 WiscAve, NW, 202-965-1325)
7. George Spa Salon (Four Seasons Hotel, 202-342-1942)
8. Okyo Salon (3211 M. St. NW, 202-342-2675)
9. PIAF Salon (Corner of 15th/L St., 202-783-3334)
10. Celadon Day Spa (1180 F St. NW, 202-347-3333)

*your editrix's go-to choice (be sure to ask for Arika)


Anonymous said...

I second Blue Mercury! Be sure to go to the one in Dupont instead of Gtown. Even though the services are exactly the same and they're only a five minute cab ride from one another, the Gtown spa charges $5-10 more per service. Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great tip! I made an appointment with Arika for this Friday. If it hurts more than usual, you'll hear about it...