17 February 2007

Winter bargains (pt. III)

And now, the very last batch of goodies left behind in the online clearance-bins:

Top to bottom:
1. Cera curve dress by Theory ($157.50 at shopbop.com)
2. Jackie zip-up by Young Fabulous & Broke ($114.10 at shopbop.com)
3. Tyrolean shorts by Reyes ($97.80 at shopbop.com)
4. 5-pocket skinny leg by James Jeans ($79.50 at shopbop.com)
5. Louise clutch by Lauren Merkin ($126 at activeendeavors.com)
6. Pencil skirt by Mara Hoffman ($140 at activeendeavors.com)
7. Cashmere blend trench by LL Collezione ($299 at bloomingdales.com)
8. Scoopneck dress by Three Dots ($128.99 at bloomingdales.com)
9. Silk cumberbund pants by Twelfth Street ($148.50 at pinkmascara.com)
10. In-the-moment bag by Francesco Biasia ($276 at pinkmascara.com)
11. Deep-winter mittens ($49.95 at anthropologie.com)
12. Corps de ballet blouse by Odille ($89.95 at anthropologie.com)
13. Lil’ dot sweetheart ($59.95 at anthropologie.com)
14. Mildspell minidress by Nave ($124.99 at anthropologie.com)
15. Centerpiece dress by Anna Sui ($174.99 at anthropologie.com)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

damn, those black pants are only in sizes 2 and 10.

can't be too choosy with clearance items, I suppose. but still, DAMN.