12 February 2007

Just a reminder

Even when you're Jennifer Lopez and you have the body every woman in her 20s thinks about when she adds that extra 15 minutes onto her daily run, you still need to be aware that you're 37 years old and that the trendy Louis Vuitton minidress with trendy opaque tights and trendy patent leather 5-inch pumps look is not one you should wear forever.

Even with legs like hers. Or 51 year old Dana Delaney's.

The reason for my sudden turnaround on Ms. Lopez's love affair with the mini has to do with this close-up photo. Don't misunderstand, I think she has one of the most classically beautiful faces in the industry, and when I turn 37 a decade from now, I can only hope my Asian genes kick in and give me some of the longevity with which she has been blessed. But truth-be-told, Jenny from the Block is not looking as fresh-faced as she was even a year ago. And even though I'd rate this look as "passable," I hope she finds age-appropriate style inspiration - and soon - from women like Cate Blanchett, Oprah, Helen Mirren, and yes, even Jennifer (M)aniston.

No matter how objectively hot you are, no matter if you're a movie star in L.A. or a lobbyist on K Street, there is no defying the fashion rule that aging and trends like micro-length skirts, tight pants, and salacious cleavage are more a marriage of sad than sexy.

*in this, my 250th posting, I want to extend a "thank you" to all of my loyal readers for your support and often suggestive comments.


knew you as hannie, too said...

Damn, J.Lo is looking ragged.

Could be all that Scientology studying.

Or that she's married to the Grim Reaper.

Anonymous said...

wow, surprised her resident-airbrush-ist didn't get a chance to clean this one up.

west coast devotee said...

250? That's great. Keep it up!

sorry this isn't more suggestive, but it's late, and me is too tired to think of something witty to write.