15 February 2007

The 5-inch mystery heel...

In response to the many inquiries I received both on and off the blog about Gwen's fantastically high heels in my "Happy Valentine's Day" post, I spent a good deal of last night scouring all the couture-carrying boutiques and department stores to try to identify them.

Aware that Gwen's go-to designers are Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Fendi, naturally I perused their collections first. Despite persistence and for some reason knowing her designer preferences, I still failed in my pursuit.

I apologize.

Until I make it up to you with a proper identification, here below (after 3 reminder pics of Gwen's beauties) are the closest interpretations I could find:

Gwen's shoes (side/back/front):

Closest interpretations:

Top to bottom:
1. 4087 by Casadei ($347.07 at couture.zappos.com)
2. Mirror high heel sandal by Gucci ($850 at saks.com)


brown bear '02 said...

those Gucci ones are HEINOUS. I'd sooner drop $850 on a dinner at Le Cirque.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dior or Versace? They always have the space-age looking shoes.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Gwen's ass looks so good because she works out so hard or because those super high heels force it out?

Either way, she looks tremendous.

Let us know when you find them -- I believe in you!