01 January 2007

Celebrity NYE looks -- wha' happened?

And these young women think they're our fashion inspirations?

Lindsay: the cute double-strap Mary Janes can't save your cinched magenta tanorexic mess of a look (p.s. Shiseido makes great oil-blotting paper -- 100 for $13.50 at amazon.com)

Vanessa: Fine, you look pretty, but you're hosting MTV's NYE party in Times Square, not competing in the evening gown competition in Atlantic City. Dress for your audience, and for the love of god, tone down the bouffant.

Britney: This is hard for me, because I love you, but get some sleep (and some under-eye concealer), stop requesting your own music, and wait to don the mini until after you've de-squattified your thighs. Oh, and since you're under 5'8", don't rock the high ankle-strap shoe -- it only makes your legs look shorter and thicker.

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