01 January 2007

When in Miami, dress as the Miamians do.

Here's what I would have chosen for Lindsay, Vanessa & Britney, were I their stylists:

Against the tropical backdrop of Miami, LiLo's coloring, height and frame would have been just right to pull off this beautiful Tricia Fix ethnic print halter dress ($180.99 at shopintuition.com). The bold but complementary mix of patterns, colors, and textures epitomizes Miami style.

Though Lindsay's gams are no doubt enviable, I would have taken a night off from the minidress. For months, she's been wearing that style night after night after night - with and without opaque tights, with and without Paris' nasty ass - in L.A., New York, London, everywhere. I would have advised her to highlight her great shoulders, her toned back, her cleavage -- parts we haven't had a chance to look at since all those bikini photos from July and August.

Linds' could have taken the opportunity last night to show some range, to show the world that she deserves the title of fashion maverick, but instead she went safe. Too safe. And too pink.

For Nick Lachey's super hot hapa pilipino woman, I would obviously have gone a much more up-market, updated route. This Dallin Chase gold glitter swing dress ($350 from intermixonline.com) would have complemented her dark olive skin stunningly. And considering that she was, as I pointed out earlier, hosting the youngest, hippest, on-air NYE party in the country, she should have acted her age (26), and indulged in a trend or two.

Anyone who follows Ms. Minillo's style knows she has a penchant for pushing beauty pageant fashion, but last night's dress really was inexcusable. What she wore was a black-tie gown, not a party dress. I've seen her legs, they're great. And there's no one network, no one day and no one city that deserves a sparkly minidress more than MTV's New Year's Eve bash in Times Square.

And now, for Britney, who was hosting a NYE party in Las Vegas at Pure Nightclub. Anyone who's read any posting on this website knows I have a serious crush on the minidress. That said, I also have a serious crush on dressing to flatter my strong points and for promoting that same style ethic to other women. 5 years ago, Brit had the body to wear that off-the-shoulder black minidress. Today, she doesn't. 5 years ago, she had the right to wear whatever she wanted. Today, with 2 kids, she doesn't. Sean Preston and Jayden James put her in the category of needing to dress more like a lady, not an out-on-the-town 25 year old.

This tulip dress by Daryl K ($367.50 at shopbop.com) is a classy brand of sexy and for her figure would have been a great choice. The bubble tulip hemline and the high-quality satin are both very "now" and very high-fashion. The length is short but not distractingly so. If Brit wanted to sex it up, she could have achieved that through a pair of super high black, gold, or animal-print stiletto sandals/peeptoes. She also could have played it up with her hair (bedroom tousle) or her makeup (smokey eyes, pale gloss).

If she wants this comeback as much as her fans do, Britney and her handlers need to put in motion an Angelina-like transformation. She's got to demonstrate to the world she's a dedicated sexy Mom, not a Louisiana trailer skank who happened to have a couple of kids.

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