01 January 2007

"Not tonight, boys, not tonight."

Last night, I checked my snarky fashion judgment at the door. Too busy shaking my Biel-to-be bottom with my partner in crime (its her hotness in the black sequins), I barely even noticed the girl in the crocheted cardigan and Annie perm. Or the one who forgot to shave AND smuggled an entire pan of muffins in her sleeveless white mesh top.

No, last night, I just snacked on miniature cupcakes, drank high-class beer, and flagrantly disobeyed the invitation's casual dresscode.

Here's a morning - um, afternoon - toast to carrying the minidress into '07!

(photo courtesy of Will "happiness is all science" Wilkinson)


Anonymous said...

Mine eyes have seen the Glory ....


Will said...

No photographer credit?