22 December 2006

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

It was an indelible life lesson my Mother imparted to me: if ever caught between getting somewhere on time and looking your best, always choose the latter. At the tender age of 26, I've come to realize this can't always be the case, especially if the place at which you are expected involves an important meeting or the birth of a child (though photographic evidence proves my Mom was in full debutante force when both my brother and I were born). It also doesn't apply if you're so far down the ugly path that a well-executed beauty regiment would still have you looking like Cameron Diaz. Come on, people, we've all been pretending for too long she's not beastly-looking.

Let's start at the beginning. It's morning, you've taken your shower, you've blotted off (use the towel to blot, not wipe, so as to avoid unnecessary skin aggravation), so what's next? If you said "get dressed," then thank goodness you're here, because that is NOT the right answer. What you should do is reach for the moisturizer. It doesn't need to be from Kiehl's, it doesn't have to smell like J'adore, it just has to be lotion. Let's not be lazy here, not only do your arms and legs need attention but so do your toes, your bottom, and your armpits. Everyday. And if you aren't limber enough to reach your back, get a man to do it. Unlike stale married conversation, slathering cream on your unreachable bits is a routine he'll look forward to.

The great thing about the skin on your body (unlike that on your face) is that it truly is never too late to make a major difference in its appearance. The way I try to think about it is that this is an investment in your skin, both in terms of money and time. The returns are worth every bit of your sacrifice. The tan you earned lounging by your friend's rooftop pool will last longer, you'll be able to go hose-free well into Fall, and you'll rock that Julie Haus dress with the exaggerated keyhole back like you never thought you could.

Every day since I was seven, no matter if I had pneumonia, was spending the night in a yurt in Inner Mongolia, or wallowing in a Veuve stupor over a man "who just can't," rest assured my skin was hydrated. And yours should be, too.

My favorite reasonably-priced moisturizers:
1. Oil of Olay Quench Body Lotion (CVS, $7.99 for 13.5oz)
2. St. Ives Vitamin E Advanced Body Lotion (CVS, $5.29 for 18 oz)
3. Vaseline Intensive Care Renewal Age Redifining Lotion (CVS, $5.99 for 20.3oz)

My favorite over-priced moisturizers:
1. Mistral Melon-Pear Olive Oil Lotion (Anthropologie, $20 for 10.8oz)
2. Fresh Sugar Shea Butter (sephora.com, $38 for 3.5oz)
3. Archipeligo Sugar Cane & Coconut Lotion (beautyexplorer.com, $24 for 15oz)


Tanning in the West End said...

Every well-moisturized girl needs a friend with a rooftop pool...

Anonymous said...

The daily moisturizing routine you describe must make your skin silky smooth. Question: What if there's no man around to rub it in where you really need it?

Johanna said...

Then wait for him to tap you on the shoulder at a busy intersection. Don't settle!

Until you find him or he finds you, keep stretching and reaching as far down/up as you can. Nothing worse than a scaly backside.

Johanna said...

And make sure he gets your front, too. Nothing like a smooth silky...uh, front-side.

Sara said...

Late to the party on this one, but the Body Buddy was made just for anonymous' concern! I have it, a little tricky to use at first but works like a charm. Much luck!