24 February 2008

Love the neckline, "eh" on the rest

Debuting what looks to be the color of the evening, Ms. Heidi Klum goes Texas pageant big on the red carpet with this one-of-a-kind John Galliano designed gown.

Not loving the hair (too Winehouse) and not loving much from the waist-down (too Beyoncé), but honestly, this woman is one of the few who could walk around in Uggs and a denim mini and still look charming.

If I could, I would pare the four bolts of expanding red taffeta down to one and a half - enough for a slim-fit cut that hits just past the knees, offering the very in-shape Mommy of three a still very sophisticated, still very eye-catching, yet markedly less Alexis-Carrington-at-a-Christmas-gala silhouette.

Oooh, I see that Hannah Montana has finally arrived! Let's hope she channeled age appropriateness!

1 comment:

1blueshi1 said...

I have to admit I really like this one--I did grow up in Texas, after all! And unfortunately I have seen Klum in far too much crap to let an opportunity to worship go unappreciated.
it's nice to have a great blue-red be the color of the night instead of black, beige, or, "anything from Giorgio Armani's Prive collection."