04 February 2008

Don't care how, I WANT IT NOW!

A week from yesterday, today and tomorrow, I will be in New York City wearing the equivalent of a Wonka Golden Ticket around my neck.

This accessory, which is actually a press badge not an easy-button necklace with one-click transport into Georgina Chapman's life, will not only grant me three-day admission to a fashion trade show the size of Micronesia but will also give me the opportunity to bring back to you, my readers, months in advance, a peek into the "new Autumn arrivals" displays at boutiques such as Bop, Revolve, Barney's Co-op, Muleh, Pink Mascara, La Garçonne, among others.

The event is called The Coterie, it's held at the Show Piers on the Hudson, and its list of participating vendors reads like the ultimate wishlist of ASJiNE-adored fashion lines:

Robert Rodriguez, Milly, Tracy Reese, Anlo, Diane von Furstenberg, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, Rich & Skinny, Dolce Vita, Twig, Karen Zambos Vintage Couture, Mara Hoffman, Goldenbleu, Madison Marcus, Elijah, Paul & Joe, Foley & Corinna, Alice + Olivia, Cacharel, Rebecca Minkoff, Castle Starr, Shelly Steffee -- the list literally goes on forever.

For those of you who, like myself, hadn't heard of this biannual event until very recently, its primary purpose is to serve as an in-person lookbook for personal stylists like Rachel Zoe and buyers attached to independent boutiques like Urban Chic and department stores like Neiman Marcus. Closed to the general public, The Coterie, unlike Fashion Week, is a cut to the chase, all-business atmosphere; sure, those in attendance will likely be dressed Sartorialist-cool -working on your feet 10 hours a day for 3 straight days is no excuse, after all- but I've been told on good authority to make like a fly on the wall the first two days and to just "observe," take in the well-oiled machine that is the designer-to-buyer transaction. Tuesday, the reported quiet after the stressful storm, is when I'll actually attempt to dialogue with the designers and/or their representatives to better understand the directions and influences behind their Fall/Winter collections.

And to fawn. To involuntarily and shamelessly fawn.

Why I'm taking two days leave from work, cashing in R's generous Amtrak Christmas giftcard and sleeping consecutive nights away from my life partner to attend The Coterie is threefold:

First, I want to identify with first-hand authority what the next season's trends will be from the smaller fashion lines.

Second, since I'm planning to conduct a series of post-Coterie interviews with DC-based boutiques' buyers to discuss the processes through which they "edit" their selections, I thought it important I, too, have firsthand familiarity with the collections.

And third, I just really want my Veruca Salt in the Golden Goose nursery moment.

As mature and collected as I know I'll need to be around these fashion insiders, you better believe my inner-dialogue as I walk past the new Robert Rodriguez dresses, Anlo straight-leg jeans and prim, slim, Karen Zambos blouses will look a whole lot like this:


Anonymous No More said...

She's moving on up...
...to the east side

Congrats J and have a blast!

Anonymous No More said...

(to the appropriate West Side just didn't have the same ring)

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl. How'd you get your mitts on the ticket?

dara said...

COOL! I can't wait for the follow up posts. This is a really big deal, J - congrats!

carey said...

so. jealous.

have a great time, meet lots of insiders and take tons of pictures!

Lori said...

The Veruca clip cracked me up - who knew that 30 years later the dress she wore would be so stylish?

Is it possible to still get a press pass to this thing if I start a blog this afternoon?

I kid, but wow, this is going to be a very fun time for you.


etcetera said...

we want SWAG!

brown rowergirl said...

I hear they only give out press passes to *real* writers - how'd you sneak in?


Congratulations on this, what a great idea, especially the post-event interviews. With the consignment event, this, and all your regular posting, I'm beginning to think you really do have a second job.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, but this makes me kinda nervous. I feel like PB took a dive when Rachel started getting more into special events, etc...

Please stay grounded -- I don't want to lose you too!

dc stylist said...

anon 10:39, just to be clear, the coterie is NOT a gtown house party, it's a true fashion insider event. this is jo going out and getting a true exclusive scoop for us, not her taking pictures of her friends drinking champagne cocktails.

i'll be there, too, but I should warn you j, you won't want to wear four inch heels unless you're prepared to get a foot massage at the end of each day!

Anonymous said...

"PB took a dive"

not touching that one.

this sounds like such a cool reason to miss work. does your work know about all this stuff?

Anonymous said...

I respect anonymous 10:39's concern, but apples and oranges would be an understatement in this case.

p.s. Johanna, how did you get a press pass? Did you cold call?

Righteous (re)Style said...

Great fun! Can you keep an eye out for sustainable fabrics? I am under the impression that many designers are trying to integrate them slowly.

Have fun!

i think you're brilliant said...

What an experience this will be!

Johanna said...

Anonymous 10:39-

Don't worry about me staying grounded - I have a phalanx of friends who LOVE to keep me in line with half-sarcastic jabs. The second I start acting too cool for school, you can bet any one of them will put me in my place.

And thank God for that!

As for how I got a press pass, I hunted around online for the name of the coordinator, finagled his contact info from one source, finally got it from another, and put in a request for admission. There were a few other requirements such as writing samples and providing a link to my URL, but all in all, it was relatively easy.


Anonymous said...

That kind of legwork, along with a solid event coverage plan, married with what I'm sure will be witty and insightful posting, prove what a fabulous BLOGGER Johanna is. :)

Have fun and be sure to give Monte extra treats for being so good while Mummy is away.

Bridal Bird said...

Although you'll be missing your life partner, the timing is simply perfect for Little Lord Muffinpants to come stay with us. I've got to pick out my orchids for the reception centerpieces and I'm guessing he has very specific opinions about the relative merits of the phalaenposis versus the holcoglossum kimballianum.

Sarah said...

Congrats on the first official press pass. It sounds like a great experience and your planned coverage sounds fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I just scanned the full list of lines that will be there. Holy mother of Britney, you are going to have your hands full! Photos please!

Pinkie said...

Take lots of pictures, enjoy every moment and tell us what you wore! Congrats on the opportunity.

Johanna said...

Bridal Bird-

Monte just choked a bit on his blue-cheese stuffed olive when he read you were even *considering* holcoglossum kimballianum. I think I even heard an "As if!"

Thank you all for sharing in my excitement over this - really, I didn't write a post to brag (and I hope it didn't come across that way) but rather to inform you of (a) where I'll be next Mon/Tue when I'm not posting and (b) an opportunity that will really serve as value added to the entire DC style community.

Pictures, for sure - lots of 'em!


miami fan said...

going to something like that would be my ultiamte fantasy. I'm not so much into the super high end runway clothing (it's pretty but I wouldn't wear it day to day), but lines like those you'll see at Coterie are totally wearable. now if only you could shop there!

tooserious said...

Congrats. Very cool.