14 January 2008

A rainbow of pretty, pretty dresses

As promised, a post with nothing but pretty, pretty dresses at which to look, over which to sigh and in which to imagine yourself upon meeting your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend.

You know, the one who thinks Cameron Diaz is funny and unwittingly makes grammatically incorrect statements like, "between the three of us" and "better than me".

The same one who probably wouldn't dream of walking into her office 45 minutes late just so she could watch Katie Holmes' interview with Regis and Kelly live instead of after work.

Yeah, her.


Textured bodice strapless dress by Celine
(price upon request, in-store)Full skirt dress by Narciso Rodriguez*
($1,975 at bergdorfgoodman.com)
Drop-waist dress by Oscar de la Renta
($1,850 at neimanmarcus.com)
Gathered metallic dress by Proenza Schouler
($875 at ronherman.com)
Cobalt day dress by Jason Wu*
(price upon request, in store)
Bow-tie kimono dress by Derek Lam
($1,690 at net-a-porter.com)
Cascading collar dress by Mint by Jodi Arnold
($495 at shopbop.com)
Tunnelneck shift mini by Milly
($385 at saks.com)
'Sonia' dress by Yeojin Bae
($690 at blaec.com)
Tulip stripe belted dress by Tracy Reese
($310 at nordstrom.com)Wool dress with ruffle back by Lanvin*
(£600 at brownsfashion.com)
Wrap dress with puff sleeves by David Szeto
£340 at brownsfashion.com)
*your Editrix's favorites


Anonymous said...


your "style" has become so predictable.

Johanna said...

well, anonymous 12:42, this wasn't meant to be an exercise in fashion-forwardness. I like what I like, and I'm not surprised if you've been reading for more than a few days that you've figured out what my desired aesthetic looks like.

maybe next time.

sorry to disappoint,

Teek said...

Well, I like the eye candy just fine! And LOL at the ex's new girlfriend. One of mine joined up with a 18 year old pharmacy student with a giant lizard. Good god.

I'll take one of those Rodriguez sexy little house on the prairie meets Dior 1957 numbers for about a tenth of the price tag, please.

Anonymous said...

Oh sooo dreamy...yet oh soooo expensive. How about a post on pretty pretty dresses that are affordable!! :)

Johanna said...

seeing as though the pricey dress post took me more than six hours to put together (even though it may not seem like it, I'm pretty darn picky), I can't even imagine how long it would take me to do the same for let's say, a $200 and under collection.

In other words, maybe later in the week ;-)


Anonymous said...

Later in the week works! I was just thinking before Valentine's Day...

Kiki said...

Wow. That Celine one is breathtaking. I'm kind of glad I don't know the price.

tellin' it like it is said...

Yikes that Lanvin is hideous! Just imagine trying to sit on that thing!

I love the Reese just wish it were in red or black, the graphic print is just too much with that neckline.

GlamaRuth said...

If I only had a Sugar Daddy! Or a job with a Sugar Daddy sized paycheck.

bon mariage said...

The gray by by Yeojin Bae is so sweet.

etcetera said...

my fave is the milly. then the jodi arnold.

not sure how i feel about those big, exposed zippers on a couple of them. sometimes it looks like a cool detail, and sometimes it looks "unfinished" as they would say on project runway. yaknow?

K said...

The Derek Lam is my fav by far.

I am curious about the exact meaning/intent of "pretty pretty" though - a lot of these seem less devastate-the-ex's-new-lady than what-you-hope-you're-wearing-when-running-into-the-ex-on-your-way-to-Cosi-for-lunch-on-a-work-day. Beautiful, to be sure, but most are a little conservative? With a few exceptions, but no?

Johanna said...


A good point. I guess I like to "devastate" with a display of sophisticated taste and a hint at the "outline" of my figure rather than an overt booby/leg show.

That's just me, though...


Johanna said...

not in any way was I saying that K goes for "an overt booby/leg show" when she's out on the town!

and maybe I'm like Katie in that I like the older woman look. I dunno. Back to work.


Anonymous said...

Did Katie Holmes have the green Proenza Schouler on this morning on GMA???

ay said...

SO pretty! I really love the David Szeto *sigh*

suicide_blond said...

i tried on the tracy reese at Nordstrom i think.. im too short for it.. *sigh* :-(

Anonymous said...

I would be much more intimidated by a woman who looked amazing but covered up than one who looked eye-catching with lots of flesh showing. Cheers to you, Jo, for encouraging us to use our class and good taste INSTEAD of thighs,etc.

m street admirer said...

I agree. I respond so much more to a classic figure hugging dress a la Audrey H. College boys and unhappily married men go for the women in short skirts and low cut tops.

dc lawyer said...

Jason Wu and Lanvin, and not just because they're 2 of J's top picks. I promise!

olivia said...

I'd take any and all of them, but I'm with etcetera, Milly then Mint.

Anonymous said...

Here are my offerings for alternatives for these dresses since I def can't afford any of them (though the alternatives are def not as cute as the ones posted):
For the Derek Lam: http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=288155&CategoryID=26862

For the Milly: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2968344?Category=&Search=True&SearchType=keywordsearch&keyword=abs+in+All+Categories&origin=searchresults

For Tracy Reese:

And the Yeojin Bae:

manhattan_darling said...

That neckline on the Tracy Reese is awesome. Have you seen it on anything less expensive? In Zara maybe?

michelle said...

I'm not one to put all on show either, so I find myself nodding along to these picks. My fave is the Proenza Schouler.

Johanna said...


The Proenza also comes in gunmetal!



sarahsouth said...

so pretty! especially the tulip one!

O.F. said...

I love how architectural your selections are. My favorite is the Lanvin with the ruffled back... lovex100

Anonymous said...

I tried on the Milly this weekend- it was soooo cute! If only the price were a bit lower :-(

Anonymous said...

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