03 December 2007

Technical difficulties

You know how sometimes when you write an e-mail and press "send" and get an error message that makes you realize all that you'd just composed was gone?

Well, Blogspot has been putting me through the blog post equivalent of that all evening.

So, I apologize, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon or early evening for my analytic paralleling of female 'Jeopardy' contestants and their couldn't-care-less appearances with DC women and their couldn't-care-less appearances.

It's a real "think" piece with big-picture implications, so stay tuned...


karen m. said...

Can't wait to read it!

confused said...

How can you criticize Beyonce in one breath and then post this picture of Kim in another? Aren't they both wearing super tight clothing??

Martha M. said...

I wish I had a bam bam like Kim, can't wait for post tonight.

only physically at work said...

confused -

I'm with you. IMHO, the fashion choices of Kim and Beyonce fall under the same (super-tight)umbrella, although dare I say Beyonce is more bebe and Kim is more Forever 21 (just the slutty stuff). Um, not that one is better, actually.

I might also add that Beyonce hasn't had a sex tape (at least in public view) either. Oh, and Beyonce has talent, something I dare say Ms. Kardashian, like her her BFF Ms. Hilton, also lacks.

So, in summary, if I *had* to choose one to praise and one to pan, I think I'd go with Beyonce opposed to Kim.

I really am curious to understand your the thought process that led you to love Kim and hate Beyonce. Also, if anyone else reading this has any thoughts, by all mean, let's discuss! (This blog has some of the most entertaining comment discussions, I swear.)


Christine said...

I love you for using "couldn't care less" instead of the often-used, incorrect, "could care less".

laura said...

For me, Kim K. is more of a completely guilty pleasure--like, just go ahead and enjoy. Beyonce, as was previously discussed, actually has talent, has a point of view as an artist/businesswoman, has more SUBSTANCE to contend with all 'round. You can EASILY love or hate Kim K., whereas you might actually have to do some thinking when you defend whether you love or hate Beyonce. That dynamic also sets B up to fall harder, faster: "So, you think you're so hot that you need to sell the world your phone, your music, your mom's clothes, etc. Actually, you're a style-less cow!" (That's not what I think, it's just an example of why criticism toward her is more vehement.)

C said...

I love that a KimKar badum shot has become your equivalent of the cartoon image of the puppy pulling the plug out of the socket to convey technical difficulties.

Johanna said...

confused/only physically at work-

Laura pretty much summed up how I feel, but I would like to say that I have never slammed Beyonce as a singer or a person - she seems perfectly nice, after all - but I think she has one of the worst senses of how to dress her figure in a flattering way. KimKar may indeed be the Forever 21 version when it comes to talent (if that), but at least when she dresses in skin tight clothing, she looks relatively good. Sure, there are exceptions (that maroon satin thing she wore to her show's premiere party, for example), but for the most part, she knows to stay away from thin fabrics. This is why we often see her in heavy knits and Herve Leger's bandage-style dresses. The thickness of the material does wonders to hide bumps and soft areas.

I've never endorsed Kim for her decisions or her sex tape (though it is...never mind), I just think naughty thoughts every time I look at her, which considering my sexual preference for men is quite a feat.


Hee hee.


Johanna said...


it's the little things, isn't it?

muwah for noticing,

someone who knows better said...

"sexual preference for men"

now THAT statement deserves a "hee hee"

Anonymous said...

who knew you had such ample goods up top?


greta said...

the link didn't come through! please re-post!

Anonymous said...


16th streeter said...

great pic, J! how many redheads do you know anyway???