08 November 2007

Ze best of ze best -- a DC style success in three parts

Though posted a bit later in the week than I'd anticipated, here is the more promising set* - a follow-up to those brutalized in this piece - from my lovely-while-it-lasted adventure into the world of being single, sexy and social.

Two out of three isn't so bad, no?

Venue: Tour de Champagne, French Embassy

(dress code: semi-formal, black-tie optional)

Black dress with just-the-right-size white polka dots in the style of this Oscar de la Renta but tea-length and with a straight-edged, to-the-throat bateau neckline. Barely-there black** sandals very similar to Natalie Portman's favorite red carpet shoe. Flawless, simple eye makeup. Short red toe and finger nails (no chips). Coiffed shoulder-length bob.

Black silk 3/4-sleeve wrap dress in a style similar to this Diane von Furstenberg. Black jacquard-print patent-leather slingbacks. Katie Holmes' hair. Perfectly-applied black liner with just a hint of "cat" detail and kohl smudge. Small red doctor's-bag-style satchel.

Black satin trapeze-style tunic with delicate lace neckline similar to this one from my beloved Mona & Holly jumper. Black opaque tights. Black lizard-skin sky-high stiletto boots I'm pretty positive were of this "If I had a sugar daddy..." ilk. Tight, nape-of-the-neck chignon. Great false lashes, thick black eyeliner, glassy clear lip. Silver box clutch.

*I'm not sure how much of a DC style success these women represented given that all three were French, but at the very least we can all learn a little by example

**they were actually light pink (egads!), but I changed them to black in my mind


Johanna said...

For those who wonder why I never include photographs, rest assured with the 10-pixel gadget I'm likely to get for Christmas, for posts like these - when I'm actually in awe and not full-body repulsion - I will start snapping.

They may not be of Sartorialist-level quality, but at least you'll get to see something concrete.


Anonymous said...

Does that last one count as semi-formal? Especially at a black tie optional event? I mean, it's beautiful, but more for a cocktail party?

Johanna said...

You know, it's funny you mention that, because my friend R and I had that very debate. In the end, we both came to the conclusion that she was so utterly glamorous with her hair, her makeup, her presence, etc., that she pulled it off just fine. Now the dudes in jeans and the lady wearing a t-shirt...*they* did not fare so well in my view.

dara said...

Of course they were all French. Sigh.

bff in chicago said...

single, sexy and social -- which two of the three are we talking about here, Johanna?

A French woman with great style and great false lashes would have me thinking twice about who I'd go home with, if you know what I mean (nudge nudge).

dc stylist said...

if it looked anything like that Oscar de la Renta, I bet the polka dot dress was beautiful!

you really should go to events like this more often and give us the rundowns. honestly, I find your descriptions and commentary a lot more entertaining than the same boring shots we see in the glossy mags and on other DC fashion blogs.

greta said...

I agree! Go to more and make sure to share your outfits with us. When we can see that you not only talk the talk (or would it be "write" the talk?) but walk the walk, it makes your recommendations that much more legitimate.

p.s. you inspired me to cut 11 inches off my hair on Tuesday! I have a pixie cut for first time in my life and the compliments won't stop coming!

M Street admirer said...

Can't wait to see the pictures with your new camera, but promise not to become a photo blog; your writing, as I'm sure you know, is what separates and elevates your blog from all the others.

sexy and single, I'm hoping.

Anonymous said...

Yes, keep the writing!

lila m. said...

How do you know for sure they were French?

Johanna said...

Lila M.-

I know, because when I approached them to give out invites for DC STYLE's 11/29 "Shopping & Champagne" event, they had very heavy French accents.

But I kinda knew even before that.


p.s. to the rest of you, I'm very flattered by your praise -- at its core, ASJiNE has always been about the writing, and that won't change anytime soon.

kris said...

does this mean you bought that Mona & Holly Jumper? I was really close to buying it, but I'm a size 8 and Basic Boutique only has 2s, 4s, and 6s left. Do you know what other stores sell that line?

Kris (fan since the beginning)

new fan in Miami said...

My girlfriend is a long time reader and she just sent me your link today and now I'm hooked. If you get an extra 200 hits today, it's because I'm making my way through your amazing archives. Where do you find the time and the inspiration for all of this? And just to echo what everyone else has said here, your writing is breathtaking and extremely witty, both of which are so rare in the blogosphere!

dc girl said...

If that dvf dress came in red or black, I'd give up eating, drinking and beauty products for a month to buy it. Have you seen it anywhere else in either color???

jackie said...

I heart the Oscar dress.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see pictures!

'frisco guy said...

Seal of approval - a hah! - you're one crafty chickadee ;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe a bit off-topic but I didn't think "semi-formal" and "black tie optional" were the same thing. To me, black tie optional essential means formal. At BTO weddings I go to, all of the girls wear long dresses and the guys who have tuxes wear them and lots of others rent them. SF seems much less formal, more along the lines of cocktail attire. If I received a wedding invite that said it was SF, I'd wear a short dress and would have my boyfriend wear a suit.


p.s LOVE this blog.