16 November 2007

In my absence...

This is as good a time as any to let you all know that starting today, I will be out of blogging commission until Monday, November 26th. I'll be in New York City this weekend for shopping and divorce celebrating and then over to Mitten State Michigan the following week for some good old fashion stomach expanding.

Don't roll your eyes, BridalBird, as long as I've hit the gym beforehand, I can clean-plate homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce like a brand-new, thousand-dollar Dyson.

But anyway, the main point of this post it to let y'all know that if you're one of the lucky ones still in the District next Tuesday, be sure to check out fEMME fETE's annual Holiday Designer Gift Fair from 6:30 to 10:30 at the Four Seasons in downtown Georgetown.

I've received numerous e-mails in the past week asking for tips on good girlfriend gifts, and without a doubt, this will be one of the best, if not the best place to pick up reasonably-priced, unique presents for all the women on your shopping list.

Tickets are available in advance on fEMME fETE's website (recommended) and at the door for $30, a price that includes complimentary glasses of wine.

So...on that note, have a wonderful, indulgent-but-not-too-indulgent holiday, and I will see you back here in just over a week.*

air kiss,
Johanna & the 'Squieu

*I think we both know this is bullsh*t -- more likely than not, I'll post something in the interim


Anonymous said...

you might want to clarify whose divorce you'll be celebrating ;)

K said...

Enjoy yourself, and travel safely!

(you know if *nothing* else, you'll need to talk about ProjRun, right?)

Johanna said...
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Johanna said...

anonymous 1:12-

riiight, sorry. well, it's certainly not mine. a friend of mine's. a *her*, and this is not a marriage I've broken up. at least not directly.


thank you, darling. ProjRun posts will definitely be a large part of ASJiNE for the next couple of months.


brown rowergirl said...

your obsesh with Kim Kardashian cracks me up. can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!

(and no, I'm no the divorcee)

Anonymous said...

as a recently married and very happy woman, I find it extreme distasteful you'd be celebrating anyone's divorce. let's just say I'm not surprised, you don't at all seem mature enough to appreciate a meaningful relationship. I hope you get there one day but I'm not holding my breath. anyone who talks about wanting Bergdorfs 4F over a loving husband is a lost cause. I feel sorry for you, frankly.

Johanna said...

anonymous 2:01-

it *is* distasteful, you're right. as am I.

I won't "get there someday," god willing. I dunno, I kind of like my current iteration.


Alexandra said...

Have a fantastic time!

Noelle said...

Miss you already :-)

M Street admirer said...

I miss you already too. Saw you pass by the Daily Grill today in your sexy little trench, black tights and black heels.

I will stop you the next time I see you, by the way.

p.s. friends tell me marriage is overrated and those are the "happily" married ones.

knew you as hannie, too said...

there's no way you'll go more than three days without writing. I'd bet you a Mouret dress but sadly, they're all sold out in your size on Net-a-Porter :-(

live it up in ze city this weekend, and I'll see you in Okemos on Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

whenever I see a picture of Kim K. on your site, I always smile, because it's so gratuitous. it's almost like you're a guy in a beautiful girl's body. I'll also miss you next week. happy turkey day!

Bridal Bird said...

I did roll my eyes! I did! You know me too well.

Have fun this weekend. Ooh, that reminds me. I need to dash home and squeeze in a quick lesson about toy sharing with my pooch in advance of his little lordship's arrival.

Burtie said...

He's a lordship alright. Watch your back. And your rawhides.

Shar said...

Divorce is a celebration if the marriage made the participants miserable. I am very happily married and have no intentions of ever getting divorced. I believe marriage is a great thing....for some. My parents were unhappily married for 25 years before they finally threw in the towel. I celebrated with both parents separately because they were liberated and finally happy. On that happy note, have a great time on your trip and have a great holiday! I for one, will continue to check ASJINE daily...I know you won't keep us waiting that long.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a few months now and am absolutely obsessed. (Ugh! I sound like a groupie. Ugh, ugh!) Honestly though, I will definitely miss reading your blog for the next ten days. It is soooooo addictive. Maybe I'll go back to the archives and read past entries while you're away. Enjoy NYC! Oh yeah, and Anonymous person with a stick up your a** who made the negative comment, loosen up and get a freakin' life!

freckledk said...

For shame! How DARE you support your friend and do something as WACKY as celebrating her liberation from an unhappy marriage. Rather, you should be chastising her for choosing to leave what was once a "meaningful" relationship or, better, cut ties with her until she matures enough to appreciate having a husband which, FRANKLY, makes her far more special and wise than you.

Happy Thanksgiving, except to Anon 2:01.