30 November 2007

From me to you

Just a quick note to extend my thanks to all those who showed up last night at the Topaz for DC STYLE's Shopping & Champagne event and endured the crowds, the fast-dwindling alcohol and the hard-to-locate aperitif tables.

Despite the tight shoe-box-iness of the space, I was able to meet and talk at length with many of you, which, contrary to the ice-bitch blog exterior many assume I manifest in real life as well (which is not true, at least according to my Mother), truly made my month.

For the 150 of you who picked up the gift bag, please to let me know honestly how the think5 bars taste. I have one in my bag ready to replace my Cosi salad, but I must say, I'm more than a little wary of something that small that weighs that much that claims to have both watercress powder and chocolate liquor as ingredients.

Have a great weekend, and seriously, if you haven't locked down a dress for your holiday parties, there are amazing sales going on at wishlist stores like Net-a-Porter, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf's, Barney's and eLuxury -- take advantage of the markdowns and invest in a lifetime piece instead of plunking down $150 at Banana Republic for a regular-priced, one, maybe two season stunner.

Just a thought.

see you on Monday,


K said...

Your milkshake brought all the girls to the yard!! Holy crowded fete.

burtie said...

I loved seeing you last night almost as much as I love my new Brad Pitt-bull toy.

Anonymous said...

you and redhead lawyer were a stunning pair. I covet your haircut and blouse and her dog and shoes.

sorry for sounding stalker-ish, but I was too timid to come up and say hello :-(

brown rowergirl said...

hold up, are you saying you're *not* an icy bitch in person? excuse me whilst I enjoy a chuckle with my late morning latte.

come on, J, own it!

EJ Takes Life said...

Lovely to meet you last night! Maybe a post on decent shopping in Traverse City is in order before Christmas?

jessica said...

I just picked up a very discounted designer dress at Net-a-Porter, and I'm both giddy and nervous. Giddy because I can't wait to get my first EVER n-a-p purchase but nervous because I don't want that to now be my new standard. It just can't be on my salary.

Thank you for urging me to *invest* my $258 instead of just spending it.

wish I could've made it last night :-(

dara said...

the bars are okay. I'd go with the salad. why would people think you're an ice bitch? you have a very pleasant demeanor on your blog, not bitchy at all!

loved meeting you last night. thanks for letting me have the last glass of cold champagne :)

Anonymous said...

maybe i'm not up to speed on the event that happened -- did you host/organize it?

Johanna said...

No, no, I just write for DC Style's blog and was tasked with getting as many people there as possible - one of my freelancer duties.