11 October 2007

Swathe me in sweater, s'il vous plaît

I don't know about you, but whenever I see a tiny baby wrapped up head-to-toe tight in a duck-printed flannel onesie, half of me thinks, "Awww, precious!" while the other half leans more toward, "Man, I wish I could wear something that cozy."

Well now, ladies, without sacrificing an iota of sophistication, we can.

No, I'm not talking about the adult-sized, powder blue, snowflake-emblazoned onesie (complete with grip-stripped footsies) you like to leave at your parents' house so that come Christmas morning you can still channel your inner seven year old with a simple one-step crotch-to-chin zip.

And for God's sake, no, I'm talking about those smacks-of-coeds-on-campus North Face puffer coats, either.

The item of clothing I'm thinking about is the clingy-in-all-the-right-places, wear-to-work-or-to-play, soft and stretchy, cool-weather sweater dress.

Complement one of these woolen beauties with a pair of these and these and you'll be all sorts of stylishly swaddled -- just like a wittle Georgetown newborn.


Knitted roll neck dress (£32 at topshop.com)
Sweater dress by Alexander Wang ($395 at basicboutique.com)
Nina turtleneck dress by Theory ($335 at saks.com)*
Puff-sleeve sweater dress ($108 at bananarepublic.com)
Cowl dress by Vince ($321 at otteny.com)
Isadora sweater dress by French Connection ($118 at fcus.com)
Roll-neck dress by Twig ($245 at urbanminx.com)*
Turtleneck sweater dress by Acrobat ($154 at southmoonunder.com)
Bilboa wool-jersey dress by DvF ($365 at nordstrom.com)
Cotton and silk turtleneck dress by Kensie ($88 at nordstrom.com)
Sweater mélange tunic dress by Free People ($98 at freepeople.com)
Cashmere cowl dress by Alice + Olivia ($264 at shopbop.com)*
Cocoon-sleeve mini by Rebecca Taylor ($350 at pinkmascara.com)

*your Editrix's top picks


intern in the city said...

The perfect day for a post like this! Aaahh, fall has finally arrived!

My favorite is the royal blue one by Twig.

Anonymous said...

i agree with intern in the city ;) i broke out my tights today!!

the dvf dress is gorgeous!

im careful about turtlenecks though because i feel like it makes my neck disappear.

Anonymous said...

I love all of these but ladies, please, wear sweater dresses with caution and Spanx. While delicious and comfy they can tend to highlight hip, belly and under-bra back fat.

Of course now some TCDC diva is gonna prove me wrong...

Meokat said...

Ahh that BRep dress--in a fit of exactly what you describe I tried it on the other week and it looks TERRIBLE!!! The top bit does this weird flouncy thing that makes your boob-projecting part seem to go to your neck.

Johanna said...


Perhaps that's why the model is clutching her bust in that manner -- to hide how unflattering the dress fits her up-top!

Thanks for the input!


jess said...

i saw this in my online reading today and thought of you. it's about a site called polyvore that lets you put together outfits in a virtual paper doll kinda way:


C said...

I bought the Kenzie one a couple weeks ago in black. Cannot wait to crack it out!

Teek said...

There are some nice sweater dresses at Gap this season, for those of us who can only stare longingly at the Theory dress which is made of perfectection and win. I have one that's purple and was only $28 at the outet! It resembles this one: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=13658&pid=520465
Works best with a belt to hike it up, at least on me - a little long otherwise. But yes, it's the coziest thing in the world, like wearing cocoa.

erin said...

I just bought the Kensie one as well! I love it with tights and Jo's CK Mary Janes. I'm actually really impressed that you share so many of your favorite finds on your blog...it seems that the whole city has those shoes of yours now!

glammy said...

just splurged and got the DvF on my lunch break in Friendship Heights. Had a $75 credit, so it wasn't that bad, but still...white is so deliciously impractical.

dara said...

Tried on the DvF a few weeks back and it just didn't fit me right. I think you need a fairly small chest to pull it off. My girls screwed up that dramatic pleating in the front. Gorgeous dress though.

Joanna said...

Sweater dresses are very sexy, but they look warmer than they feel.
Ditto the tights. Today I wore a pair of gray tights, and everyone said, wow, that look great, so warm, blah blah blah--but to tell you the truth, they were just marginally warmer than wearing nothing. My legs shivered from 9-5. It's time for killer boots!

I still like sweater dresses though. A woman wearing it with no underlines always catches my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Pardonnez-moi, but I believe that is s'il vous plait, not si'l vous plait...

Johanna said...

anonymous 12:27-

Thank you :-)

nighty night,

samantha said...

I've found that sweater dresses necessitate spanx or body shapers unless you have no hips whatsoever. I was at banana yesterday and there were about 4 of us trying on the same sweater dress. It looked awful on everyone - and I mean AWFUL - except the woman who was 5'8", 100lbs.

not a fashion queen. said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Just got back from shopping and picked up this Michael Kors sweater dress. Also picked up a pair of brown tights to wear with it. Might not be quite as fahshionable as your picks, but looks great on my frame and is suitable for work.


Anonymous said...

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