08 October 2007

Love the height, hate the rest

Introducing the 'Victoria' shoe from Italian designer Giambattista Valli.

At just over six inches in actual heel height with two inches of front-end platform, the 'Victoria' is tall, so tall, in fact, even its fearless inspiration expressed reluctance at how successful she would be in a pair of her namesake shoes without a good deal of on-carpet practice.

Now, you know me and you know I love me some sky-high stilettos - the taller the better, I like to say - but the more I look at these mirror-accented, pink satin ankle-strapped sandals (or pumps?), the more convinced I am that Victoria would wear anything provided it had attached to it a four-figure or above price tag.

Because I'm sorry, but these $1,395 shoes are not only objectively offensive to look at but they're also indistinguishable from say, this selection of similarly steep, much more modestly-priced footwear.

More of Victoria wearing her 'Victorias' during an Elle Magazine photoshoot earlier today vitiating any and all credibility she earned over the weekend with this ASJiNE-approved Marc Jacobs sheath:


Anonymous said...

those shoes are HOT, and as far as them looking like the cheesy fetish footwear, i'm sure in person you can tell the difference in quality.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine where someone would wear these...

I'd save my money and just borrow a pair of shoes from a stripper.

nyc admirer said...

totally unrelated, but I seriously hope you've been watching "Rocky IV" on Spike for the past 2 hours. god this movie is great.

Johanna said...

nyc admirer-

well duh, yes of course I've been watching it, it's only one of my top five favorite films of all-time!

thanks for the tip, love :-)


p.s. "you will looose"

dc girl said...

She looks like a friggin' fool in those stripper heels. No way, no how I'd pay 1/10 of that $1,395 for those. I'd sooner hit up the Nine West sale.

bow seat said...

Even from my fashion deprived Nairobi perch (you honestly have no idea), I can tell those shoes are a hideous take on little girl pink grows up hot. Believe me, after three months of modestly loose long sleeved gap shirts and below-the-knee khaki skirts, there is nothing I could love more than to trash it up--ideally in a city that has sidewalks-- but those shoes have it all wrong.

manhattan_darling said...

Two words: hot mess.

Anonymous said...

Isn't she obligated in some way to wear a shoe named after her by a designer she considers a friend (and probably has a good business relationship with)? My two words are "publicity stunt" rather than "hot mess."

Johanna said...

bow seat-

I miss you terribly! I want to be on that perch with you!

I cry a bit every time I see the Starbucks cups turn red without you by my side :-(

come back to me soon,