31 October 2007

Happy Halloween, y'all!

Her life, lips, hair, "figure," wardrobe and skin may be a hot mess, but BritBrit's new album Blackout is surprisingly "off the chain" as the kids on the Metro like to say.

And, in my opinion, the hot cut I've linked you to below - "Get naked (I got a plan)" - is its best offering. Granted, I don't really want to envision the Britney of today breathily "unhhh, unhhh yeeeah"-ing and moaning lyrics of more than questionable veracity such as I'm not ashamed of my beauty/you can see what I got and If I got on top, your gonna lose your mind/The way I put it down boy you know should be up.

But all that aside, the beats are wicked fun and Brit's part machine-generated, part baby-talk songstress-ing has never sounded more polished, packaged, and fingers-crossed, platinum.

So tonight, while I'm at home watching my munchkinbot open his Halloween prezzies and you're out getting your sexy ______ or slutty ______ on at a fantabulous costume bash, let's both be sure to listen to track six off the shaky but still reigning Princess of Pop's new album.

"Get naked (I got a plan)":


Katelin said...

That is definitely my fave track on the CD so far. Granted I must say "Radar" is a pretty great one too.

mmmmmBrit. If only she'd get her act together....maybe one day.

*Happy Halloween!*

Laura said...

"Gimme More" "gamme" more reason to sweat it out at the gym rather than bury my frustrations in H'ween treats.

By the way, Johanna, not only am I glad that we see eye to eye on LC and Whitney's latest displays of gaucherie, but I want to officially thank you for your advice on wearing black as a post-breakup balm.

Not only do I want to thank you, but I would imagine some upper 30s/early 40s Old Ebbitt patrons would like to thank you as well, judging from their appreciative glances Saturday night. Black, form-fitting, wool-blend sheath in a sea of either Georgetown sweatshirts or faux-satin Forever 21 minidresses...not to mention the black peep-toe heels. You would have been very, very proud.

Now, if only I could find a new gentleman caller as debonair as Monte...

paul said...

Haven't listened to it, but apropos of the lyrics you posted, seems like we can "see what she's got" every time she's photographed getting out of a car these days.

pvd admirer said...

happy halloween, darling girl!

Sassy Miss Thang said...

"Get Naked" was my rock out on the way to work song this morning and the cool down to my hip hop class last night. At least Britney can do something right! The album rocks!