16 October 2007

A few of my friends' favorite things

Women in this city certainly have varied tastes when it comes to clothing, shoes and accessories.

Some lean toward preppy, some toward Southern ladylike, some toward Euro chic, some toward couldn't-care-less, while others (cough) favor a more hipster-ish aesthetic.

But what about the basics? What about those one or two items you can't go more than a few days without slipping on to make the day's ensemble just right? I took a very informal e-mail poll among my closest DC girlfriends - a markedly diverse bunch when it comes to personal style - asking them, "Which two wardrobe components are you currently wearing most often?" Not surprisingly, within a half hour of pressing the "send" button, I had all nine responses lined up in my inbox.

I suppose it's only fitting that I start.

Without question, the two items I can't seem to get enough of this season are my black high-waisted Theory tulip skirt (above right) and my patent leather Calvin Klein 'Joeclyn' Mary Janes in bordeaux and black. It's only Tuesday, and I've already worn the skirt and each pair of the MJs. Very un-me -- a clear sign I'm in love.

For the rest of my ladies' selections, see below:

The Hill Staffer:
1. Black Delman ballet flats
2. Classic khaki London Fog trench
The Defense Contractor:
1. Black leather Rebecca Minkoff 'Morning After' satchel
2. Blue Cult skinny jeans
Hot Brunette Lawyer:
1. Chestnut calfskin Cole Haan briefcase
2. Black cashmere puff-sleeved sweater from Banana Republic
Hot Blond Lawyer:
1. Black Theory pant suit
2. Black patent leather Marc Jacobs Mary Janes
Hot Redhead Lawyer:
1. Oversized black leather Miu Miu clutch
2. High-waisted black skirt from Club Monaco
3. Spectator-style Dolce & Gabbana pumps
4. Loeffler Randall 'Matilde' flat wedge leather boots
Intrepid Journo:
1. Magenta-lined black leather Marks & Spencer tote
2. Brown equestrian boots
The PR Bitch:
1. 4.75-inch black Dolce Vita platform Mary Janes
2. Grey cashmere Vince sweater dress
The Do-Gooder Grad Student:
1. Patent leather Mossimo flats
2. Cropped black swing sweater from Banana Republic
The Trustfunder:
1. Black patent leather Louboutin peep-toes
2. Imju Fiberwig mascara ("Does makeup count as a 'wardrobe component'?")


AY said...

What would make this post even more fabulous are links to said must have staples.

brown rowergirl said...

Kisses to you for the Poison Ivy reference. It's a classic.

I'm loving the CK MJs here in NYC. They is beeeyootifuul!

dara said...

should we assume 'hot redhead lawyer' is your very best friend since she got to list four things?

AY said...

Yay for links!!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you label your friends like this. Oh wait yes I can. Lucky them (rolling eyes)

tellin' it like it is said...

Maybe if you weren't so narrowminded in what you think is fashion forward(what is this the 100th time you've criticized hipsters??), the Washingtonian would've named you one of DC's best dressed. I know you're not being included on there must've killed you! I think I'll dress like a 50 year old when I'm in my 50's, not my 20's thank you.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow they all dress just like you. What a groundbreaking post this is.

jessica said...

the loeffler boots are killer!

Anonymous said...

Tellin' it like it is, this is a blog for the celebration of beautiful clothes. Just because you slide a piece of fabric onto your twee self doesn't make it fashion. If you don't like this blog, go read the myriad bloggers in this city who are falling all over themselves to be the darlings of the hipster set.

Intrepid Journo said...

Actually Anon 3:03 I don't think I dress anything like Johanna. Although I can definitely see how you'd infer that based on the one handbag and one pair of boots I listed.

Johanna said...

My main point was that even though we have different senses of style, many of our go-to items are the same.

Man, to have a lawyer's salary...


Anonymous said...

Um, to have ANY of those people's salary to be able to afford those items. Sure, I can save up for one a season but multiples? Seriously, my non-profit job does not pay enough...and we are curing cancer here people!!! I want a wardrobe raise :(

N said...

Your friends' favorite things is my wishlist.

Anonymous said...

To anon 3:23, just because clothes are expensive and conservative doesn't make them any more "beautiful" than a great vintage tee or pair of worn boots. It's in the eye of the beholder, remember?

not buying it said...

If this is really what you and your friends wear most often, you seem to be a pretty stuck-up bunch. Other than the defense contractor, none of you wear your jeans most often? Come on.

Johanna said...


Glad I could be of help :-)


One of my favorites of all-time. Keep forgetting to add it to my profile...

Glad you're enjoying my shoe of the moment, too!


No, no, but she is a pretty fantastic find here in this city. I loved how she couldn't make up her mind, so I decided to list all four. That's why she's "special."

Anonymous 2:56-

Thanks! It was a brief departure (mainly just last night and this morning), but good to know I was missed.


Sigh...I know.


Aside from the flats, I feel the exact same way.

Anonymous 4:51-


Anonymous 5:31-

To your second point regarding jeans, I can't speak for my friends, but I can say with 100% honesty that the last time I slipped on a pair of denim was 3 weekends ago, and that was only because I was in Ohio headed for the batting cages.


holiday said...

I like the fun breakdown. You should do more posts like this Johanna.

What I wouldn't give for a lawyer's salary if I didn't have to be a lawyer...

brown bride to be said...

Thank you for the Paris Hilton comparison, hon. Love your skirt - where did you pick it up?

denver fan said...

Your friends' jobs are so very DC. Love it! Like 'brown rowergirl' I also enjoyed the Poison Ivy reference - very appropriate here.

sarahsouth said...

fun post! sounds like you're feeling better - get better soon.

ps. mike n' ikes are a great cure for food poisoning. but you knew that.

Pinkie said...

Love your blog and this post. Screw all the haters.

sarahsouth said...

amen, sista

do-gooder grad student said...

anonymous 4:32 and "n" -
please to note that there IS a range of salaries and prices in this post. as the do-gooder grad student, not only do i not have a salary, but i'm incurring over $100,000 in debt. hence my Target ballet flats. that BR sweater is not beyond reach. (and yes, i consider that sweater my "fancy" one.)
just needed to point out that i am not among the well-compensated and johanna is still generous enough to extend her friendship.
kisses, j!

A six figure earning chick said...

Don't be so quick to believe that a big salary means you have plenty of disposable income for clothes. Many of us 6-figure girls are still trying to keep up with the other girl. Our friends go out to more expensive dinners, live in expensive condos, have huge student loan bills and drive expensive cars which amazingly leave a lot less than one would believe for $700 pairs of shoes.

Anonymous said...

re: "a six figure earning chick" --

LOL. If that's sarcasm, that is fabulous. If not, then ... well foot. in. mouth.

cali finale said...

Of all the things listed on here, I think I like your tulip skirt and the PR Bitch's Mary Janes best. Yours are nice, but a classy looking pump with a 4 3/4 inch heel is unbeatable!

N said...

My apologies, do-gooder. I did not mean to ignore your favorite things. In fact, that BR sweater is perfect for fall.