29 August 2007

Technical difficulties

Because Blogspot wouldn't let me upload any pictures last night (or this morning), I'm going to hold off on posting this morning's piece on the professional woman's back-to-school backpack (read: backpack = handbag) until the geniuses that are Blog and Spot can get their sh*t together.

Maybe by lunch, maybe not.

Until then, enjoy the trailers of two of my favorite lesser well-known films - Chopper and Sexy Beast - both of which I saw solo back in the day at the Avon's discounted midnight showing, both of which boast heavyset, unscrupulous men whose allures I've not been able to shake in seven years and both of which are such good cinematic rides they rightly deserve to bump 300 to take top billing in your NetFlix queue.

Enjoy. And check back at lunch!

Chopper (2000):
Sexy Beast (2000):


brown rowergirl said...

Aaaah the Avon. Such good memories there. Eric Bana looks better hot than chubby.

dara said...

Loved Sexy Beast but never heard of Chopper. Thanks for the rec! Is that really Eric Bana??

denver fan said...

Your new profile photo is beautiful!