30 August 2007

Taking a "me" day

Now don't get carried away, Mum just needs a day to herself.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for her second installment of 'May-juh Friday' -- you know it's gonna be totally may-juh, because I've already picked out the shoes and faaabulous accessories.


bff in chicago said...

Aw, whose bag is the precious in?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I am dying for the professional women's back-to-school handbags! I have been in the market for a new back for waaaay too long. Will those recs be part of mah-juh Friday too?

tom h said...

Jo he is such a cutie...enjoy your day.........

jackie said...

On your "day off" I suggest having a couple of milkshakes. You seem to be wasting away on us lately.

Johanna said...


you know who.

anonymous 10:04-

I will, I double promise with funfetti frosting on top.

tom h.-

he is the world. I will - thanks!


Mmmmm...milkshake...but my answer is "no."


C said...

This month's Vanity Fair says thin clavicles are the new t&a. So our Editrix is spot on as always.