13 August 2007

T-8.75 hours...

Super busy today, but I couldn't let you go without mentioning once more that tonight at 8pm (and then again at 10 and 10:30), MTV will air the third season premiere of the most fashionable half-hour on television, a representative taste of which can be seen above with Lauren (at the show's L.A. launch party last Thursday) in an art-deco inspired Alexander Wang plunge-front dress and simple-'n'-sweet black round-toed pumps.

Keep your fingers crossed the producers were smart enough to fill the void left by Heidi "You don't know what he's like when it's just the two of us" Montag with my favorite character: the leggy and calculating East Coast 'Super Intern,' Ms. Emily Weiss.


K said...

I prefer Whitney to Emily, but I do appreciate her return to LA.

If only they'd axe Audrina, girlfriend has zero personality and her voice grates.

But I will watch EVERY SECOND. Twice.

holiday said...

I love the Hills, and Emily is one of my favorite characters.

Does anyone ever wonder why LC hung out with Heidi in the first place? She was kind of like Kristin Cavallari-lite.

I can't wait!

bff in chicago said...

Of course you liked Emily. Of course.

That scene where she walked into the LA office for the first time and without barely a "hello" busted out "Looks like we've got some MapQuesting to do!", I totally thought of you.


i think you're brilliant said...


I agree. I always thought Heidi was so vaccuous and selfish. LC and Whitney (Audrina's lame ass doesn't even register with me) may not be the most intellectual blondes on the block, but at least they're bright and thoughtful. Heidi and Spencer deserve each other!

Brooke said...

Did you see the "Top Ten Hills Moments" and "The Hills Girls Answer Your Questions" specials this weekend? Audrina comes across as a little trashy and a lot ditzy.

brown rowergirl said...

I want to like Whitney (she's the prettiest, don't you think?), but her refusal to get involved in the cattyness turns me off. She's just too damn neutral.

And Audrina is so busted. What does she have, like 11 front teeth? Yech.

C said...

My favorite Emily moment was when they were in the flower shop before the dinner party and LC's all, "golly, you're really smart about this stuff," and Emily just sort of does the "mmm hmm, I know," facial expression.

Johanna said...


Audrina is a waste of TV space. And did you see the multicolored sequined mess she wore to the launch party? Jesus.


So glad you're an Emily fan as well! We're few and far between.

I can't wait, either. It's taking every ounce of willpower not to watch the 8pm showing and wait until 10 'til my girlfriends and I gather on C's floor with spoons, clown cake and eager anticipation!

bff in chicago-

EXACTLY. She had me from that moment on.



Brown rowergirl-

I actually like Whitney. It does get frustrating that she won't throw herself into the drama, but at least she can laugh at it - and Heidi.


Of COURSE I saw the countdown and "Dear 'The Hills'" episodes. I don't think there was a single word of advice LC gave that didn't involve the sentence, "Tell him it bothers you and see what he says." Uh, great. Thanks.

I still can't believe LC turned down Paris. Seeing that clip again made me remember why I like Emily so much more than her.


Her looks - and LC's - in that episode were *priceless*. I have such a girl-crush.

"I take 18 credits on two days at NYU, work at Teen Vogue two days a week and then work one day at Chanel."



Kate said...

i can't wait for the hills to come on tonight! it's a sad addiction, and it can't be helped. glad i'm not the only twenty something out there in love with it.

Anonymous said...

Emily is your favorite?!?! I'm naming my daughter Whitney! That's how much I like the girl.