08 August 2007

LC in my living room *and* in my closet?

Scarlett O'Hara, Gloria Wandrous, Heather Chandler, Claire Standish, Regina George, Emily from The Devil Wears Prada, my college friend S, my DC friends K, C and E -- these are the type of women to whom I've always been most drawn both on-screen and in real life.

Put simply, I like a sharp, confident bitch.

It's no wonder, then, when I tuned into MTV's first episode of "Laguna Beach" three years ago - and every episode subsequent - it was toward Kristin, the conscience-free beauty born with a made-for-sin body and an acute understanding of how to use an eye roll and a smirk to make everyone around her feel inferior, I felt the most affinity, not her co-star and intended main draw, Lauren Conrad -- better known as "LC."

But for a number of reasons over the past year and a half - her string of unsavory male companions, her painful gotta-pay-the-bills appearances at shopping malls, the fact that she abandoned her Boston Terrier puppy when she left now ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner and proceeded to replace him with a Yorkie, among others - I've slowly begun to uproot myself from the Kristin camp and shockingly, because I really couldn't stomach her until the second season of "The Hills," move toward Team LC.

Now I still think Lauren is often insufferable (please, just let the Heidi/Spencer drama go already) and has squandered much of what she's been afforded through nepotistic internships at Three Dots and Teen Vogue, but where she makes up for all her immaturity and all her self-entitlement is in her classy-beyond-her-years, very ASJiNE-approved wardrobe.

Word is, Ms. Conrad is even debuting an eponymous clothing line later this season, a delicious taste of which you can sample in the first picture below.

It's not clear whether the Lauren Conrad Collection will be a more moderately priced SJP/Bitten endeavor or a pricier Sienna/Twenty8Twelve one, but either way, I'm in such an excited state over this news that I can't decide if I'm more looking forward to my Carvel Cake and "The Hills" premiere with the ladies on Monday night or for the day in the not-too-distant future when I find LC's name tucked in between 'LaROK' and 'Lauren Merkin' on the left hand side of Bop's website.

Enjoy a small stylish slice of LC's signature style:

In a knit bubble-hemmed dress of her own design and metallic round-toeds*

In an empire-waisted DvF cocktail dress and Jimmy Choo sandals In a belted cowl-neck sweater dress and an embellished headbandIn a square-neck halter trapeze dress by 3.1 Phillip Lim and Louboutin peep toes*
In a crocheted-neckline Development mini and Moschino cutout pumps

In a Pamela Roland strapless gown and Giuseppi Zanotti sandals
In a rosette-detailed Rebecca Taylor tank dress and Louboutin peep toes
In Tsubi skinny jeans, a bell-sleeved tunic and Mary Jane stilettos
In a cotton mini skirt, buckled peep toes and a paisley-print chiffon blouse

*your editrix's favorite looks


Anonymous said...

You two have the same taste in nail polish, too!

K said...

She's always been my favorite. I'm a bitchy good girl, always have been, so LC's my lady. Well, when Lo's not around, that is.

Love her own dress, the black coat with headband, and that bell-sleeved tunic. MUST GET. COVET. THE PRECIOUSSSSSSSssss....

freckledk said...

I think I'm more of an LC fan, but only because she doesn't feign enthusiasm or try to act too cutesy. And I can't picture her squealing like a little girl over ANYTHING. I like that in a woman.

etcetera said...

i didn't realize what great clothes she has. k, i think that black coat is my fave, too.

you dont mind if my confidence is totally fake, right? the bitchy part, however, is real.

dc girl said...

I can't wait for Monday night's premiere! A Carvel Cake? What a fantastic idea!

And I kind of like the Spencer/Heidi drama. It's fun to watch a car wreck you know?

C said...

I love her general Alice in Wonderland approach (right down to the headbands) to fashion--elegant and demure in an edgy environment.

Oh and love the post, natch.

One of the Bitches Three

Alisha said...

...bitch knows how to pose for a photo as well I might add...

georgia said...

C hit the nail on the head. LC is inspired by Alice!

I like Johanna's haircut said...

As I have family in Laguna Beach, I have run into several of the LB characters over the years around town and I was very surprised at (i) how short both LC and Kristen are, and (ii) how pretty both of them are in real life. I definitely like LC's style. Am I SO excited for the next season of the Hills and Newport Beach.

Off topic: Are you going to go the GTown sample sale in a few weeks?

brown bear '02 said...

Love it. Love it all, but I especially like the jeans and Mary Janes combo. Those shoes are really hot.

Shoot, this Monday already?? Better remember to Tivo!

denver fan said...

I never knew she dressed so well, either! Thanks for the great pictures!

stuck in l.a. said...

I preferred Kristin as well during the "LB" heyday, but now I'm coming 'round to liking LC more. Can't wait to see what her clothing line has to offer...but do you really think she designed it herself? Come on.