08 August 2007

I couldn't give a lick what the premise is

Sure, Iraq's a mess, the kids are all on drugs, "Arrested Development" will never again air a new episode and the new Lancôme Men adverts feature a photoshopped-beyond-recognition version of what I believe was once a picture of Clive Owen, but don't fret - not just yet - because your, my and Monte's prayers may have been answered.

According to the reliable sources over at my second favorite celebrity blog, Kim Kardashian is officially slated to star in her own reality show, a half-hour program that could air as early as this Winter.


On the E! Network, natch.

If there was ever a motivator to clean out the Tivo arsenal of its months-old, half-watched episodes of "Bridezillas," "Snapped" and "Intervention," a show entirely dedicated to Kim and her fantastic ass would certainly be it.

Fingers crossed the test-audience is predominately male!


west coast devotee said...

Her ass defies all logic. Then again, so does your crush on her...don't you like them wicked smart and hella old?

Where's the Judi Dench girl-crush post?

brown rowergirl said...

I know I'll be sucked into this one too. Damn you, E! Channel, damn you!

Anonymous said...

it will be the finest show since gastineau girls