09 August 2007

In the spirit of all things impractical...

My sideswept bangs won't sweep, my five spritzes of Sake evaporate as soon as I step stiletto outside my building and every moment I'm not surrounded by air conditioning I have a permanent sweat-trickle that starts at the nape of my neck and ends just above my hamstrings.
Even for August in DC, these triple-digit temperatures and accompanying high levels of humidity are ridiculous.

As such, let's think about something wholly impractical -- cool weather coats!

Even though the need for such outerwear might be a good 90 days away, there is no harm in deciding well before the weather deems it necessary which silhouette, collar, sleeve, fabric and color you hope to be wearing when the first gust, shiver and snow of Autumn/Winter 2007 unexpectedly arrive.

And in keeping with the theme of impracticality, I took no pains to find equal parts reasonable and wishlist price-points in this collection; instead, I simply visited my most trusted online boutiques and department stores and picked from each my favorite out of their still quite limited pre-season selections.

My advice is to take in what you see below, hone in on a certain detail or details that interest you - for me, it's all about the funnel-neck and swing skirt - and diligently shop around between now and November for equally stylish but much more wallet-friendly alternatives.

The best of the best (so far):

Belted tulip coat (£95 at topshop.com)*
Radcliffe coat by Peter Som ($1,865 at eluxury.com)
Cashmere blend coat by Celine ($3,200 at net-a-porter.com)*
Beauteous bubble coat by Nanette Lepore ($572 at misamu.com)
Swing coat by Milly ($614 at tobi.com)
Pea coat by Rebecca Taylor ($416 at fashionchateau.com)
Loris swing coat by Theory ($585 at saks.com)
Wrap coat with belt by Ziji ($528 at couturecandy.com)
Car coat by Mint ($627 at pinkmascara.com)
Simone coat by Diane von Furstenberg ($695 at shopbop.com)
Belted swing-skirt coat by Donatella ($191.25 at macys.com)
Funnel-neck trapeze coat by Elie Tahari ($550 at nordstrom.com)
*your editrix's top picks


Anonymous said...

You're like me Jo: praying for fall.

I love those coats except for #2 (buttons) and #4 (looks like an oversized shirt). Great choices.

They look very smart and very sporty. Nice.


Anonymous said...

You're a sick, sick girl.

It's 102F out there already and its not even 10am yet.

Winter coats? Good God Almighty.

(Suit-clad & suffering)


freckledk said...

I want that Tulip coat - oh so badly. Too, too cute.

K said...

Cracks me up that the model in the Nanette Lepore coat is so crazy tan... like she packed that for her beach vacay or something.

I may buy the Topshop coat, though, finger on the "buy" button right now...

ataraxiastar said...

I really like the topshop coat too but I've never bought something over the internet from another country. Is it complicated?

mysterygirl! said...

Good choices. I love the bracelet-length sleeves on a lot of them, but I wish that were more practical: if it's cold enough to wear a fall coat, then one probably will have sleeves sticking awkwardly out the bottom, unless she truly plans to suffer for fashion (which, I guess, don't we all?).

freckledk said...

I may buy the Topshop coat, too, and hope that k and I don't have an awkward run-in in the Fall.