15 July 2007

When my least favorite color happens to my favorite dress

After spending much time with her W Magazine photo shoot, I decided I needed to give Victoria Beckham a chance.

And I'm trying, really I am, but for every point she earns with her thinly-veiled attempts at friendliness and her impractically high stilettos while browsing the aisles at Toys-R-Us, she ruins her chances by doing things like taking my beloved, favorite-item-for-Fall Roland Mouret 'Moon dress', desecrating it with god-awful Pepto-pink, topping it off with a matchy-matchy Malibu-Barbie-looking Hermès Birkin bag and for some reason I still can't quite understand, insisting on maintaining that fake-as-hell platinum hair color.

If it weren't for her impressive almond-toed Sergio Rossi platform pumps, the perfect fit of the Mouret sheath, the Starbust-sized, pear-shaped bauble on her left ring finger (so ridiculous it's fabulous) and of course, that under-these-Tom-Ford-glasses-I'm-laughing-at-all-of-you expression, I might be tempted to cut Miss Posh even before the real game begins.

Scientology brochure-pusher or not, I'd advise spending more quality time over at the crazy compound with your newly-realized BFF so that perhaps by osmosis her good taste might dilute your own.


Dave said...

I don't think I've ever seen a picture of her where she wasn't wearing sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

she looks weirdly like Nicole Richie. Time for a change in your look Posh.


ataraxia said...

i like those glasses - can you ID a cheaper similar version Johanna? maybe a post on sunglasses soon? (i know summer is halfway over but...)

Lady Tiara said...

even on the rare occasions when i like what's she wearing, i can't get past the fact that she is an oompa-loompa shade of orange. it's terribly distracting.

Candid Cool said...

you know i think she's doing this Malibu Barbie thing on purpose, she was amazing in 2003

CouponAlbum said...

She is gorgeous lady!! Love her dress, shoes and sunglasses!! Wonderful choice!!