14 July 2007

Last chance premium denim

The final throes of the Summer sales are upon us.

The best selection of sizes, colors and styles are nearing depletion.

The only category that hasn't been drained dry, it seems, is denim. Premium denim, to be specific.

If up to this point you've been hesitant to unload the better part of $200 on jeans, now's your chance. Here below are 12 drastically-reduced pairs in versatile washes, hip cuts and deliciously comfy fabrics.


Envy jean by Goldsign ($97.50 at shopbutante.com)
Scribble junky jean by Frankie B. ($121.80 at fashionchateau.com)
Pamela straight leg jean by Chip & Pepper ($132 at fashionchateau.com)
Coco jean by True Religion ($151 at revolveclothing.com)
Juno jean by Denim for Immortality ($99 at pinkmascara.com)
Honey jean by Joe’s Jeans ($111.30 at pinkmascara.com)
Hellebora 02 by Notify Denim ($162 at activeendeavors.com)*
Ava 085 by Citizens of Humanity ($102 at activeendeavors.com)
Midrise pencil jean by J Brand ($112 at activeendeavors.com)
Sam jean by James Jeans ($98 at activeendeavors.com)*
RBW-7 by Rag and Bone:Women ($132 at activeendeavors.com)
Recessive gene tailored-fit sexy jean by Genetik Denim ($66 at shopbop.com)
*your editrix's top picks


fashionista said...

I was going to bitch if I didn't see the Honeys by Joe's Jeans. Those are the only jeans that hug my curves just right, that don't gap in the back, and are the perfect length with heels.

I'll check Urban Chic to see if they have a pair.

sarahsouth said...

something is definitely going awry in the last photo... i'm nervous that the model will exposure herself if she bends back ever-so-slightly