14 July 2007

Kim Kardashian makes me feel like a hypocrite

I'm not much for the "tight look."

Big blingy jewelery is so not my thing.

I roll my eyes when I see a woman try ever-so-hard to match her shoes to her handbag.

I don't particularly care for Hervé Léger's signature bandaged-fabric effect.

And when I left my pink phase behind in the Spring of 2002, I not only kissed it goodbye, I tied cement booties to it and drop-kicked it into the Seekonk River.

Yet here at a Miami Fashion Week event on Wednesday night, Kim Kardashian somehow blossoms into the prettiest, most perfectly dressed goddess who ever was.

I just can't think what it is about these pictures that's bewitching me...
Maybe the shiny hair?
No, no, it must be the exquisite eye makeup.
Lean over a bit, hon...that's it, it's your pretty white smile!
Uh-huh, definitely the smile...


sarahsouth said...

can't wait to see you next weekend! i'll bring my kim-inspired underwear implants for the special occasion.
i'm sure this latest outfit has inspired your quest for pink additions to your niece's wardrobe.

Johanna said...

I can't wait, either! It'll be like freshman year all over again but with a little newborn and a lot NASCAR fans.

I'm expecting you NOT to cut your femullet, by the way...

west coast devotee said...


freckledk said...

I absolutely hate that dress. Hate it. I think she looks like a stuffed sausage, and she's probably a size 2.