11 July 2007

The domestic vixen's can't-live-without accessory

I vaguely remember you posting about your cupcake carrier and I was just wondering where I could find one for myself. I am tired of my little sweet treats getting mushed on the way into the office.

Indeed I did write a littly ditty dedicated to the sweet-treat-carrying cupcake suitcase a few months ago.

For those readers who weren't with me back in January and for those who were but on whose radars the idea of trekking to the office with a suitcase full-o-Funfetti-frosting wasn't yet an I-need-that! blip, here for the second time, my whole-hearted endorsement of the ingenious and for those among us who likey the bakey, the very necessary accessory that is the 24-Cupcake Carrier from Oneida.

For only $1.99 more than the price of a pair of DKNY cheektini-bikinis, you can head on over to your local Linens-'n-Things and pick up - literally, pick up - the one hand-held item that will assuredly make you the most popular lady in the office.

And if my every-other-Tuesday experiences transporting two dozen meticulously be-sprinkled little cakes in my non-iPod grip are any indication, you'll be the most popular lady on the way to the office as well.


Brooke said...

Speaking of your cupcake suitcase, when are you going to use it again? It has been months since you last blessed the office with your sinful treats. If you people like Johanna's blog, you should try her baked goods!

Anonymous said...

I'll second that. Make with the treats, already. And don't forget to bring them up to 11.

I dropped off 2 boxes of Krispy Kremes down in the hole this morning. So give back some love.


Johanna said...

okay fine, so I've been outed, it's been a while.

I'll bring in some extra homemaker-ish cupcakes next week. And then do what I always do -- decline to eat ("oh, I'm just not hungry right now...") while I watch the rest of you stuff your faces.

m said...

Don't feel bad. I do it all the time. I constantly make treats for my co-workers and then don't eat them (mainly b/c I am not a huge sweets fan, but still)

Anonymous said...

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