17 July 2007

Desperately seeking shoes: Wedding Season '07 pt. 415

I need some advice on shoes to wear with a certain dress - namely this Ann Taylor Chloe dress in sea blue. Shoes of the same color would look tacky and are hard to find anyway, and both black and white would simply KILL the dress. I guess I am limited to something that's either pearly, subtle metallic or platinum. I realize that the store itself carries sandals that might work with it, but I'm nor sure this might is best choice. Before I completely give up hope, I thought I'd drop you a line and ask for your priceless advice. The price range is between $75 and $150.

Well, you've already done half the work for me, my dear, so now that we collectively agree you need a metallic shoe, let's get on with the recommendations.

Since you told me you're a 2P and "small-framed," I'm going to assume you're under 5'4" and have slim Thandie-Newton-like calves. The latter feature is important to point out, because it - or they - will afford you more flattering options than 99% of the women out there on the collapsible dance floor. You might, depending on just how delicate those ankles of yours are, even be able to indulge in one of those will-never-be-an-option-for-me ankle-strap varieties.

First things first -- what kind of shoe you should avoid:

Though it goes against my go-to personal preference, I would steer clear of any kind of full-figured, closed-toed pump. This is a wedding - a Summer wedding - and you're wearing a fairly conservative below-the-knee dress that covers more than most of your skin, so you need to compensate with some bareness in other areas -- namely, your feet.

Because this is such a traditional silhouette, I would also avoid anything that even hints it might belong in the dominatrix category like these or these. I'm all for ironic dressing, but at this venue and with this dress, my advice is to explore - and explore creatively with embellishments, adornments, etc. - among the more classy-sexy, not bondage-sexy silhouettes.

Due to the fabric's inherently brilliant shine, I'd avoid shoes like patent-leathers and satins that aren't completely matte.

Second things second -- what kind of shoe you should look for:

You're petite and covering up 2/3 of your legs -- you need a heel, sister, and you need a tall one. Unless you have an insecure pocket-man boyfriend who demands you wear flats, I would look for something in the 3-inches-and-higher range. No shorter.

I know I use this term on a more-often-than-necessary basis, but in this case, one of your best options is a minimally-strapped, barely-there sandal. You have an entire ocean of fabric from your bustline to below your knees, and even if it's perfectly fitted to your frame, you still need to offer up some peeks of skin to accentuate your slimness -- a barely-there sandal will help you achieve that.

Your best option, however - a decision to which I came solely based on my personal preference - is a d'Orsay, or a two-piece shoe. This is a very classic, vintage-feeling style that would flatter your classic, vintage-feeling dress very nicely.

Well let's get to it, then.

Here are your blue-satin-dress-complementing Wedding Season '07 metallic sandal recommendations:

Guna slingback by BCBGirls ($49.90 at amazon.com)

Calhoun metallic linen d'Orsays by Nina ($72 at lorisdesignershoes.com)*

Vincenza cutout peep toe by Guess ($99 at guess.com)Whim Mary-Jane peeptoe sandal by Charles David ($111.99 at piperlime.com)Camila sandal by Martinez Valero ($127.95 at nordstrom.com)

*your editrix's top pick (in fact she ordered these for herself last night!)


manhattan_darling said...

I'm not the one who asked this question, but I was in a similar quandry. I don't love the ones you bought, but I DO love the last ones with the little bows. Done and done, and on their way to me this Friday! Thanks!

Not a fashion queen said...

I would go with one of the two with the ankle straps if you plan on hitting the dance floor much. The strap makes dancing infinitely easier, and I love the little bow on the last pair.

Nika said...

Thank you for the priceless advice :)
Too bad BCBGirls Guna Slingbacks are not my size (I looked all over the place for them). I love the Vincenza by Guess, which i think is what i am going to end up buying.

Thank you very much again.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's of interest, but EBAY has a hotlink up (right side of the homepage) for metallic sandals.

Stop laughing at me, editrix. I was looking for a new cartridge belt. Just happened to see it.



Anonymous said...

I had to wear this same Chloe dress for a bridesmaid dress (in melon green though) and it was god awful ugly. I hope you are only wearing it because you have to...

Johanna said...

not a fashion queen-

you may not call yourself a fashion queen, but damn, you thought of an extremely practical point I should have anticipated. I love the little bow on the last ones, too!


no problem! I was happy to do it! I only regret it took me a full week...that's what happens when you start to get a social life :-)


one of the things I love about you are your varied interests. No one else in my life could blend firearms and fabulous shoes into the same breath. You, muffinpants, are a keeper.

Is it that bad? I mean, it definitely takes simplicity to the max, but is it really "god awful ugly?"

Anonymous said...

anonymous - could you point out one ugly thing about the dress, except for melon color? Simple and classic do not necessarily translate to ugly, unless it's wrong size/shape thrown on a wrong body.

Maxie said...
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Maxie said...

I actually think the dress is kind of cute-- it's stunning compared to the one I had to wear for my sister's wedding! That thing was disgusting...I swear my sister picked it just so she would be the only pretty one that day, haha.

But about the shoes I LOVE the Vincenza cutout peep toe by Guess but I have such a hard time with peep-toe shoes. They cut into my toe so bad by the end of a night out that I never want to wear them again!

etcetera said...

NYiE - and you were able to *resist* ordering a pair? what a disappointment. i think you could pull off a delicate ankle strap with grace!

Anonymous said...

Et Cetera:

And you would look sensational in a cartridge belt.

Of course, given where you've been spending your time, that may be a look you've already tried. ;-)