06 June 2007

Technical difficulties (updated)

Yes, thank you, I am aware I have two "Since I don't (yet)" features on my sidebar.

Until Blogspot decides to shape up (we've been fighting since early yesterday evening), just ignore the dated picture and instead enjoy this snap of Kim Kardashian last night outside Koi in Los Angeles.

Methinks there was never a more convincing advert for the high-waisted pencil skirt -- or 10 sets of 15 lunges after your Sunday morning spin class.

Update: no acerbically witty caption to wrap your head around -- you just need your mouth (gaping), your eyes (bulging) and your hand (censored)

No, Blogspot still won't let me get rid of the Club Monaco skirt. Yes, this was just an excuse to show another photo of Kim's ridiculously large, in-charge and gravity-defying backside.


bff in chicago said...

she makes even your ass look flat! day-um!

sarahsouth said...

i have to say that she is highly suspect for panty implants. although those of you who have seen her "recreational video" that's on the loose may be able to verify whether she is 100% natural... comments?

Johanna said...

I don't think there's any implantage going on in that badunk-a-dunk. There's something so unmanufactured about it. It's almost out-of-control, which in her case is a *good* thing. Then again, I don't see Kimmy K as the kind of girl who'd religiously force herself to do squat-thrusts and Superman exercises.

And I certainly saw the aforementioned "recreational" video. Why do you think I like her so much, SarSou? Any girl who smacks gum while making her jiggly bits do a dance in her parents' bed (!) is girl from whom I can learn a lot.

sarsou said...

YOU, my dear, are a girl from whom we can all learn a lot.

wearing a thong today, in your honor,


Johanna said...


good girl!