16 June 2007

"Take me right down the middle..."

As I stared at myself in the familiar bay-window-sized antique mirror, Rodney, my stylist at Andre Chreky, stood directly behind me with the base of his chin resting lightly atop the crown of my head. He playfully chided me for waiting more than four months to clean up my ends ("at least you don't do a daily blow-out or use color"), explained to me why Britney's extensions looked so awful ("it's Britney, honey, not the hair") and then, more out of routinization than the expectation I might actually deviate from the same cut he'd given me since I discovered him just under two years ago, said:





"Really? I mean, okay...where are am I taking you then, Miss Johanna?"

"Rodney, I want you to take me right down the middle between this...
...and this."
And down the middle he took me.
Posh from the side...
Katie from the front...
And my own familiar brand of self-adoration......from every other angle.

And the answer to your question is "yes" -- yes, I typically do spend the hour before going out giving myself a closeups-only photo-shoot.

But only after I feed the homeless, read Charlemagne and say a prayer for those women with less of an aptitude for eye makeup application.


Dave said...

My apology for complaining there was no story. Your adoring public is very demanding, but that's the price for writing so well. That's a very impulsive decision, but it's very cute. You do look hot. And now men who are a cross between Beckham and Cruise will be chasing you.

Anonymous said...

You're Charlize in Aeon Flux! Hot HOT 'do, girl!

sarahsouth said...

hannie, i LOVE it!

not a fan said...

Remind me again why should I care that you got a haircut?

AnĂ³nimo No Mas said...

Love it. You look great! Women with short hair are fierce (in my completely unbiased opinion)

Not a Fan, please spare us and stop reading.

Johanna said...


no need to apologize! but I think I speak for most women when I say that decisions like this - to chop off 15 months of "growing it out" - are the kind that just *happen*. No pre-meditation, no thoughtful weighing of the pros/cons -- just doing it on a whim. And that is exactly what happened!

Anonymous -

Hella good call. Most underrated movie of Summer 2005. Loved it. Her and the hair.

You're next!

AnĂ³nimo No Mas-

I thought of you the ENTIRE time! You were totally "there" with me, babe.

Short-hair-club rules! I've missed you :-(


brown rowergirl said...

Does this mean Sister Johanna-in-waiting is finally realizing she is far too fabulous to stay in every weekend and wait for someone who doesn't appreciate her? Is this a cutting-him-out-of-my-hair haircut??

Celebration is in order!

p.s. didn't think you could look more beautiful than you did 2 weeks ago, but you do. great decision -- and great stylist!

Dave said...

Johanna, from the original haircut post I expected to be entertained by a long story about the thought process and then the haircut. So you're right. I don't understand women.

not a fan, there are tens of thousands of blogs on the web. Many of them are about a person's life. Johanna's is eloquent and entertaining. I don't know if the "Johanna" in the blog is an accurate representation of the person writing the blog, but the character presented herein is interesting and fun to follow.

Not everyone will feel this way. Fortunately there are alternatives. I have no idea why someone who doesn't care would keep reading this blog. If you don't care, find someone you do care about.

Anonymous said...

I think you overestimate how good your "aptitude for eye makeup application" is.

Not impressed.

Brooke said...

H A T E R S: find a hobby.

Anonymous said...

Is yours stacked up in the back? I think what makes Katie's cut interesting is the longer back instead of the ubiquituous stacked back (at least here in the Midwest) I also like her flirty bang. Yours is cute--enjoy!

Johanna said...


yes, mine is "stacked" in the back. that was Posh's influence :-)

The more I think about it, the more I think my cut is like Ellen Barkin's -- another woman I adore!

thanks for the compliment!


knew you as hannie, too said...

LOVE IT! That took guts, girlfriend!

m said...

your haircut is fabulous! I absolutely love it!

Joanna said...


Yo yo yo
I love your hair.
Very sexy.
Cute face.
Honey you don't need a sugar daddy
God gave you great genes!

Anonymous said...

Eh I think it looked better long. Everyone has an opinion though and its only hair it grows back.

dc girl said...


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about getting the same cut for a few months now. My only concern is how it will work with my exercise routine. Please let us know how you style your hair after running (not to mention while running) and what you do for parties etc! By the way, I think you look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

One thing I noticed on both celebrity pictures--the part is a little more side-swept than yours. Perhaps try the part starting at the edge of your pupil when you're staring straight ahead. I know, sounds like I'm splitting hairs (sorry) but it gives a different look on a bob.