20 June 2007

"Some people want magic...I think you are one of those people."

Since today is the final day of the season during which we're all supposed to fall overwhelmingly, passionately, even recklessly in love, I thought I'd take a quick detour from all things fashion and inject some hopeful, just-follow-your-heart-edness into this grim, drizzly DC hump day (update: I just went outside and it is neither the grim nor drizzly day it was when I walked to work this morning, but as far as I know it is still hump day).

One of my favorite in-bed exchanges involved a man saying to me, "Parker Posey would totally play you."

"Play me?"

"Yeah, if they ever make a movie about your life, she would play you. Hands down."

I don't know if this person still thinks about that exchange - probably not - but I certainly do and probably always will. Not because I think anyone will ever make a movie about me one day - I'm self-indulgent but not that self-indulgent - but more so because no one had ever planted the idea in my head before. Now, every time I see Parker in a film, whether it pre-dates that conversation or not, whether she plays a braces-bedecked demon wench or a mentally unstable Jackie Onassis fanatic, I can't help but imagine it is myself, my life, up there on-screen.

And in her newest film, Broken English, my inclination to live vicariously through her character - this time, it's Nora Wilder, a woman in her early-30s who finds herself romantically jaded, professionally indifferent but steadfastly resistant to settling - looks especially tempting.

To be a voyeur into that ideal world where falling in love is as passionately intense as it is goofy and giggle-filled* and for the opportunity to see Parker Posey demonstrate all sides of her oft underestimated multi-talent, forget A Mighty Heart and see Broken English this Friday.

It'll totally be worth the trip to NYC/LA.

*I also recommend Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for this


K said...

As soon as I saw Party Girl years and years ago, I fell hard for Parker Posey. She makes the most of even the assiest movies, though I will mention she was but one of the many genius parts of Josie & The Pussycats; that movie is seriously underrated.

Anyway, this one looks fantastic.

freckledk said...

If there were ever a film about me, Angela Lansbury would likely be cast in the starring role. Unless Reese Witherspoon cares to put on 40 pounds and drop the drawl.

LOVE Parker Posey. Can't wait for her new movie.

Anonymous said...

Whoever that guy was made a good call! Parker Posey is the best kind of woman - one who could make your side splits with laughter, who's cute, who's quick-minded...that was quite a compliment!

Anonymous said...

My sister manages a boutique in the East Village that Parker Posey frequents - she says that she's as quirky in person as she is in most her roles, but very friendly.