20 June 2007

In keeping with the Parker Posey theme...

Because I didn't leave my desk for more than 10 minutes today and because no celebrity blog cared enough to post pictures from the Broken English premiere (from the tiny thumbprint-sized photos I found on WireImage, Posey wore an eh short-sleeved black and red printed satin wrap dress that hit past mid-calf), I thought that instead of railing against the giant toenails and skirts-'n'-sneaker combos waiting to greet me on my way to Hump Day Happy Hour, I'd entertain you all with a few minutes of inspirational sarcasm from your, my and everyone's favorite pseudo-bitch.

Yes, that's right, inspirational.


Best in Show

Dazed and Confused

And the scene from The House of Yes that prompted the comparison:


i think you're brilliant said...

"Who speaks French, anyway?"

"You do."

"Oh that's right, I do..."

I think I've heard you have that conversation before!

brown rowergirl said...

I laughed out loud at that same part. You may not have said those lines, but you've DEFINITELY had that look!

'frisco guy said...

That "Best in Show" clip is a classic. I'm sure you already know this, but I read somewhere that it was completely improvised. No script. Funny stuff.

freckledk said...

I emailed you a link for pics.