11 June 2007

Penelope to band -- "Meet you in the trailer!"

It's unfair, but there are some women who for whatever reason I can't look at without wishing they were in an evening gown.

My friend Olivia, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina Jolie, Rachel Weisz and one of my perennial red carpet favorites, Penelope Cruz, all fit this bill -- all are women who quite honestly, to me, look out of place in anything other than a flutter-sleeved Alberta Ferretti, brushed silk Roberto Cavalli or webbed-chiffon Zac Posen. I realize this is just an unhealthy byproduct of my loving all things celebrity and all things high-fashion, but there it is. And there it has always been.

At 33, Penny is gorgeous, presumably single (we hear Josh Hartnett currently has the honor, but neither has confirmed), and should be going to a late-night John Mayer concert holding hands and making funny faces with the hiplicious Shakira. She should be wearing cute fitted jeans, sky-high stiletto heels, bare minimum makeup and have her hair pulled-back into a sexy-messy ponytail. And even though I um, was pretty sure with lady-bits like hers Penny would need some sort of upper-body unmentionable for locking-and-loading purposes, all I can say is good on her for pulling off what looks to me like a seriously successful challenge to Newton's law of gravity.

Surprisingly, I have no real judgment to pass after seeing these snaps. Penelope isn't a Mom setting a questionable example for her kids, she's not high on coke playing with hot half-Asians and sharp knives, and she's not Evan Rachel Wood. After the recalibration my standards for celebrity behavior underwent thanks to Paris Hilton and her infamous I-don't-want-to-eat-my-lima-beans! wail-face, Penny's trashy shirt, uncharacteristic as it may be, just doesn't make the criticism-cut this week.

I'd never wear it, even in L.A., even at my age, but perhaps my normally much snarkier judgment is just too distracted by how impressed I am Penelope was able to rock the shredded-back groupie tee support-free.

For more of Penny turned UVM co-ed (and Shakira looking like a 15 year old), see below:


Anonymous said...

Is she 33??? I thought she was in her mid-20s! Not a fan of that shirt AT ALL but she looks fantastic!

intern in the city said...

That shirt is pretty trashy -- below Penelope and her usual good taste.

west coast devotee said...

She looks hot but I'm confused too about how all that breastage is staying put in that flimsy top.

Hmmm...let me take another look.

also a west coast-er said...

I don't think that breastage is staying in one place for very long. Let's cut to the video!!!

Seriously, if she's 33, and looking that good, and having that much fun, we all can.