03 June 2007

Gone New Yorkin'

But don't fret, I'll be back in full "harmfully judgmental" force Wednesday morning with a new, this-inspired vintage mini, a higher alcohol tolerance and a few mystery bruises.

Miss me, you fools.


knew you as hannie, too said...

3 days off? I'll believe it when I see it!

Have fun in the big city and give S my best!

Anonymous said...

Take lots of pictures!

bff in chicago said...

Like those shoulder bites you had last summer?

Only you could get away with the "I don't do sleeves in Summer" excuse.

but that's why I love 'ya.

have fun and pour some Champagne out for me!

intern in the city said...

Mystery bruises are the best!

"How in the hell did *that* get *there*???"

Ah, youth.

Anonymous said...

I'm taking bets, people. $20 says she can't help herself and posts by noon Monday EST.


Johanna said...


I'll take that bet. I don't miss it at all.




New York is beautiful...even in this dirty downpour :(

tom h said...

Yes Jo we want details and pics.........have fun...Michigan was beautiful over the weekend....ahhh can't wait to go back.....

brown bear '02 said...

Still no word...impressed, JC. Impressed.

dc girl said...

What am I supposed to do with my lunch break for 2 whole days???

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it. She did it. Of all the times to begin acquiring impulse control, she starts now.



D said...

I miss you..:)

a fan said...

You better be wasted in a minidress right now.

Wasted in a minidress, dancing on a banquette for a "silver fox," as you put it.

I just want you to have everything you want, sweetheart.

go back to DC soon...the GOP contingent doesn't know what to do without you.

nyc admirer said...

in a minidress dancing for a silver fox on a banquette is exactly what she's doing. I just saw her when I peeked in TenJune -- a whole crop from the Financial District all waiting to buy her another glass of Moet and Chandon.

Waiting in their wheelchairs, that is.

brown rowergirl said...

All I can say is...you *better* have gotten a picture of this Valentino gown you tried on. And it better be a mugshot of when you tried (unsuccessfully) to run away with it.

Johanna said...

No, no pictures, unfortunately.

But it was honestly one of the most out-of-body experiences I've ever had. Hands-down my third favorite New York moment ever.

It wasn't as life-changing as the late night Cafe Rouge excursion from last June or as I-could-die-right-now-I'm-so-happy as the seared foie gras with bing cherry demi-glaze from Picholine from last July, but still, to feel that quality of chiffon, silk and craftsmanship up against my bare body...it was a connection I never knew existed. It sounds melodramatic - probably because it is - but it was truly one of the most intimate moments of my life.

Not surprisingly, they had to pry the two of us apart with the threat of very proximate brut force.

A blog post on this experience is obviously forthcoming. Sit tight!