02 June 2007

The casserole dress

What would you get, if you added...

The one-shouldered silhouette and rosette-adornment from this teal silk Lela Rose shift


The large-pleat strapless neckline from J. Lo's Michael Kors bubble-hemmed minidress

The tilted-bow sash from Reese Witherspoon's Carolina Herrera tea-length tank dress

And the least interesting, biggest media-whore in recent memory?

Eva Longoria, of course, at last night's ALMA awards
At least her eye makeup and shoulders look good
And that bow distracts from the fact that she's the only Latina woman on the planet without a decent badunk-a-dunk


Anonymous said...

she looks like a nightmarish bridesmaid.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's just not right.

I thought it couldn't get worse than rosettes, but that bow thing proves me wrong. Good God.


intern in the city said...

If you nixed the bow, took the crysals off the rosette and changed the color (black, ivory or maybe a deep purple), it might be salvagable. As is, though, it's a big messy disaster.