14 June 2007

As if we needed *another* reason to love her...

Back in her signature red carpet color after a bizarre and in my view unflattering turn in canary yellow three weekends ago in Cannes, Angelina Jolie looked all sorts of beautiful last night in New York City at the premiere of her new film, A Mighty Heart, in this crushed velvet deep-V-neck, V-back, tea-length vintage wrap dress.

But this is no ordinary vintage piece. This isn't an on-loan Valentino or Balmain or Bill Blass. This isn't a frock some stylist saw in a look-book and had private-jetted straight to the Jolie-Pitt's Hollywood Hills home. No, this is quite the opposite, this is a little something Angie picked up herself last week at famed L.A. vintage haunt The Wasteland on Melrose Avenue for less money than I spend in a work-week at Cosi on make-your-own salads.

That's right, a woman who could've worn anyone's anything to the premiere of what she calls "the most important film" she's ever been a part of, chose to wear crystal-heeled Louboutin peep toes, a price-upon-request (on-loan) Frances Klein diamond brooch and a $26 dress.

I know I go on and on about how great vintage is, but it's not just the dress or the skirt or the shoes or even the great price but the quest for the dress and the fact you're wearing something some other woman wore on the best night of her life back on December 9, 1959 that makes the vintage experience so inherently special.

For more pics of Angelina breaking all kinds of convention - velvet in June? aging Upper East Side socialite updo? even more gorgeous at a two-inch distance? genuinely happy Hollywood relationship? - see below:

*yes, I'm aware FOX News was banned from last night's event per Angelina's request, and yes, I'm still working through my feelings on that. For now, let's just focus on the pretty dress and the fact she might have finally eaten something (see first picture)


not a fan said...

You would love her, wouldn't you?

I guess it takes a homewrecker to admire one.

You both make me sick.

Dave said...

So if a woman who has money equivalent to a sugar daddy is wearing a $26 dress...

Anonymous said...

So, not sure what this comment is all about, but what I do know is that I hate the term "homewrecker" when it's attached to an unmarried woman. Even if Angie had an affair with Brad before his divorce with Jennifer Aniston was finalized, HE is the homewrecker, not SHE. Not sayin' the other woman is innocent but she didn't make and break the vows, HE did.

Anonymous said...

Takes two to tango - and he is an ass, but she knew the end results. So she is just as guilty as him. (and its not that she is some "she-deveil" / temptress, rather she knowingly enter a relationship with a *married* man, and took part in actively destroying the marrige and the lives involved in it).

Anonymous said...

Could she please eat a cheeseburger!!!

Anonymous said...

What if you are in a relationship and you choose to get involved with a married man? What does that make you then?

dcpleats said...

Back to the clothes... I actually totally disagree with Johanna on this one. I love vintage and digging through racks to find a true gem. But seriously, crushed velvet in June?!? And the brooch on her hip did absolutely nothing for me. The worst part of it, is that you can see her bra popping out in at least half of the photos. This movie is supposed to be important, and it deals with a very serious topic, so why would you go to the opening looking so unserious?

ew to tatoos said...

perfect example of how tattoos such as her's on women are N.A.S.T.Y.

...and they'll only get worse with time as they fade to ash-y gray and sag on wrinkly skin.

Johanna said...


The exposed bra was definitely a style misstep and one I'm really surprised Angie made. I have so much confidence in her that I assumed that was part of the back of the dress. Once I looked at the bigger version, however, I realized you were right -- both the around her ribcage strap and her shoulder straps were showing. Not good at all.

The crushed velvet in June issue I still haven't made up my mind on. I called it breaking with convention in the post, which I suppose it is, but you may be right again here. The thing is, it's such a strappy, barely-there dress up-top that it's not *obviously* a cold-weather dress, either.

The brooch is okay. I'm not one for jewelery, really, so I could take it or leave it.

The main point of this post was to highlight the fact that a glamour-puss such as Angie wore an unconventionally red-carpet dress to such a big event. That in itself impressed me.

Taken on its own, out of this context, I'm not sure I'd be in love with it, either.


p.s. she needs to eat a whole buffet of cheeseburgers, not just one! good lord, those fingers!