19 May 2007

When Georgetown's good, it's *really* good.

Most days of the week, most weekends in the month, most holidays during the year (graduation season, included), you couldn't tempt me with a Cusp giftcard to put up with Georgetown. It's a mix of the crowd, the style, the stores, the tourists and their hold-everyone-up pace, and most notably, the ubiquitous sense of entitlement with which I inevitably come into contact that never fails to ruin my day.

Some days, though, WiscAve from Sequoia to Urban Chic and M St. from Hu's Shoes to Waterworks - Georgetown's shopping district - is good. Really good.

And sometimes, when the weather, the company, and your mood is just right, even the walk from Logan Circle to Lily-Pulitzer-central can turn a brokenhearted girl into a hopeful one.

If she stops at Betsy Fisher, that is, and drinks a Pinot spritzer while trying on a couple of beautiful dresses she might one day be able to afford.

Readers, enjoy below today's low-pixelage shopping diary:

Python-trimmed grey plisse racerback dress by June
($400, in-store only at the Betsy Fisher boutique)
I tried to look surprised instead of "I know, right?" when
Betsy told me this dress made my chest look amazing.Eyelet housewife dress by Vivienne Tam
($445, in-store only at the Betsy Fisher boutique)
I imagine myself wearing this dress commando with pearl studs
handing the man I love a packed-with-care sack lunch while
whispering in his ear how I'm going to ______ his ______ off
when he gets home from work.

High-waisted black-scribble-print pencil skirt
($149, in-store only at Club Monaco)

L insisted you get an ass shot. Thank her, not me.
Metallic Ankle-Strap Sandal by Maison Martin Margiela
($645, in-store only at Hu's Shoes) In the end, pricey duds are nice, but all a girl really needs on a
sunny May day is to find an identical twin (in black) to her
under-$100 red Zara baby and a thick-strawed Thai bubble
milk-tea with extra tapioca bubbles ($4.25 at Snap)
Okay, that's complete bullshit.

The truth is, I offered the extremely gracious salesman at Hu's his choice of any and all of my vital organs - even those I only have one of - for those unbelievably sexy, unbelievably so very me, last-pair-in-my-size gold-bangle-ankle-strap stilettos but he wouldn't budge. Sugar Daddies, please take note -- I wear a 38.


bff in chicago said...

you didn't get that eyelet dress??? But it's so pretty on you! Isn't that what credit cards are for?

Seriously, sweetie, you need to march your hot ass back to this boutique and snag your dress. Yes, YOUR dress. It was made for you!

Sarah said...

I tried the Vivienne Tam eyelet dress, black version, at Bloomies a few months ago. It was love at first sight. I'm still sad I didn't decide to fast for a month so I could purchase it.

intern in the city said...

love the back on that first dress, but your bff is right: the eyelet one was made for you.

and wow on those shoes! is that you modeling them? nice gammy gams, sister!

brown rowergirl said...

What were you wearing with those amazing shoes? You look like something out of a VS catalog!

Anonymous said...

I would totally sell my soul to a Sugar Daddy for those shoes. They're incredible.

nyc admirer said...

babe, PLEASE do more posts like this one! you're so beautiful, especially when you're describing your warped view of what marital life is going to be like. I hope yours is that way, but in all honesty...oh, never mind, a girl should dream.

Is this L in the pictures with you? cute girls stick together, I see.

knew you as hannie said...

you know that you just attracted the foot fetish crowd with that high heel pic, right?

Johanna said...


I know, isn't it gorgeous? Fit me like a glove, too. I wish I could...if you want to help me out on making a dent in that $445 price-tag, then we're in business!


it's better you didn't get it, because then when I come down to run a 10K with you this summer (there's gotta be one, right?), and you kick my ass just like you did on all those 2K erg tests, I won't have to hate you even more because you have my dress.


shoe admirers-
I have never in my life experienced a moment like I did when I put those shoes on...if you could ask L, she would tell you I literally had a physical reaction - foreplay, if you will - just staring at them. When the salesman brought them out and I slipped them on, I remember thinking, "This is it. *This* and my dog, it's all I need to be happy." And the sad truth is, this morning, I still believe that.

When we left, I swear I heard the lyrics from Keane's
"Somewhere only where only we know" teasing me and my tiny bank account.

dc girl said...

I had no idea there was bubble tea place in Georgetown! I'm leaving now to get me one!

Buy the shoes. Last pair in your size - it's a sign, girl!

jessica said...

I can't believe your feet are that pretty with all the running you do!

AnĂ³nimo No Mas said...

Hot, hot calves lady.

And buy the eyelet dress, it would attract more than enough sugar daddies to help pay it off...

Miss you!

west coast devotee said...

I love your caption on the eyelet dress picture. NYC admirer may be right in most cases (sigh), but I can totally see you in that kind of marriage. I'm surprised you didn't say you'd bring the lunch to his office and when he asked, "where's my dessert?" you'd show him just how commando you were.

With the blinds open, naturally.

Anonymous said...

great post! love your use of the 3 way mirror!

Johanna said...

AnĂ³nimo No Mas -

thanks for the calves comment -- you know how a girl appreciates them :)

You raise a good point about the return I'd likely get if I invested in the eyelet dress...I'll mull it over some more.

Miss you, too!

tom h said...

Jo love your pics....you are so gorgeous.....you are THE total package...I don't have a foot fetish but after looking at your feet I think I might have one now...we need more pics..Love You hun....

knew you as hannie, too said...

holy calves! holy calves! holy calves!

love the "oops, is my bra in that shot?" pose :)

msu guy said...

darlin', I'd get 'em for you if I could.

I'm surprised the salesman didn't recognize how good a home they'd have with you and just give them to you. No one's gonna look better in them.

bff in chicago said...

I hope you bought the dress...

Johanna said...

Stop encouraging me! You're the devil!