21 April 2007

What inevitably happens when I go shopping for someone else

There is no other person for whom I would endure a Saturday afternoon battling the elements - and by "elements" I mean the kind of people who, when their cards are denied at Steve Madden, say things to tired, defeated salesgirls like, "Well, it's probably a fraud protection thing because I just dropped $2,800 at Intermix and $1,500 at Barney's, here try this other AmEx" - than my girl L.

Perhaps it's just that I'm particularly selfish, but when it comes to picking out a Christmas present for my Mother, a baby shower present for my sister-in-law, and today, a birthday present for my best friend, I always spend a good deal more time looking at that-would-look-so-cute-on-me than that-would-look-so-cute-on-her items.

Hence, this adorable deep scoopneck dress in shocking-red with ruffled neckline and criss-cross back from Zara that flattered my assets as perfectly as Vivian's red dress, in its own way, did hers.

In the end, of course, I found just the right 3.5-inch patent-leather way to tell L how much her friendship and acceptance of my judgmental unacceptance means to me.

And yes, guilty-as-charged, I also fed the beast that is my closet by indulging in this sweet summer frock -- it was $59 at Zara, after all, not "$2,800 at Intermix."


bff in chicago said...

Did he like it? Of course he did. I still can't believe you got that at Zara. Your girls look unbelievable!

hope you had fun tonight, you hot little thing!

call me tomorrow and give me the full report...


jessica said...

What a knockout dress!