29 May 2007

Wedding Season '07: the versatile clutch

"So I've got my dress (on sale at Bop!) and two different pairs of black peeptoes for Wedding Season '07, but I need a good versatile clutch that can fit the makeup essentials, my Blackberry and my flask (for when the ceremony goes a little long). What color would you recommend with this dress? I gave up trying to match the pink. Plus, I had your anti-matchy-matchy speech running through my head! Thanks!"

You had me at "flask."

I'm pleased as punch you decided to abandon your search for a bright fuchsia clutch. This fabulous DvF dress already has built-in color with the satin sash -- let that be the sole focus. Any more of a color burst, especially with an almost-kinda-sorta-the-same pink purse, and you run the risk of looking like a bridesmaid who had no choice but to wear the 13 pieces of clothing and accessories a misguided bride on an everything-must-match mission picked out for her and the other nine of her closest girlfriends.

Were I you, I'd opt for a textured black clutch, something in a brocade or embossed animal skin - animal skin, not animal print - that adds dimension to the ensemble without detracting from the primness of the dress and peeptoes. As for jewellery, even though you didn't ask, I would suggest minimal neutral studs (e.g. pearls, diamonds or opals) and an fun cocktail ring like this or even better, this. A thin gold necklace that hits just below the base of the throat would still look okay, but as you know, I always advocate erring on the side of simplicity, especially when the neckline, like this one, is an eye-catching accessory in itself.

Here are your flask-ready clutches, a couple of which, I realize, are pushing well beyond even an If-I-had-a-Sugar-Daddy price point:

Joan woven silk clutch by Franchi ($126.95 at zappos.com)*

Legacy croc clutch by Perlina ($65.95 at zappos.com)

Croc Lucia clutch by Lorelei ($198 at activeendeavors.com)

Jewel clutch by Lelya ($472 at shopbop.com)**Lizzie clutch by B. Romanek ($810 at ronherman.com)

*my 'Since I don't (yet)' pick

**my 'If I had a Sugar Daddy' pick


etcetera said...

we already knew i was partial to pearl cocktail rings... but that pearl flower ring is fabu. i'll remind you again when we're two weeks from my birthday.

Johanna said...

glad you caught my just-for-you accessory shout out, 'etcetera'

And while you're here, can I get a public woot-woot for Williams and Brown winning yet another NCAA championship over the weekend?

etcetera said...