09 May 2007

Stick to wearing dresses, Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan seems to like guns.

And while I'm normally pretty cool with hot chicks who like to spend time at the range, I can't help but look at this picture of LiLo with her half saucy, half I-have-no-clue-how-this-thing-works expression against a peach satin bridal suite backdrop and think this girl is making things worse for those of us with NRA memberships waiting with bated breath and crossed fingers for the day when we can legally transfer our guns from the Heartland to the District.

The more I think about this, though, the more convinced I am that this kind of not-thought-through behavior might benefit us in 2008. If she continues to wield guns and wear gun accessories, engage in 20-lines-a-night bathroom stall behavior and then, as they all do, endorse whatever democrat takes the early lead, this very well may work to our advantage.

With "us" and "our," of course, referring to those vigilant among us who actually hate terrorism and still cry at night because John Ashcroft and Paul Wolfowitz are no longer leading the good fight.


Anonymous said...

OK, show me you've been studying.

What kind of handgun is that? Give me a manufacturer and model.


Johanna said...

Um, can I still say Beretta 92, even though you finally told me (via text) after my 2 strikes?

Anonymous said...


So near perfection, and yet so far.