09 May 2007

I love me some Keemee

I'm not one to promote anything unless a genuine interest incites me to do so.

Keep that in mind, then, when I encourage you to gaze at - or if you have some mighty deep pockets, invest in a piece from - the Keemee jewellery line, all pieces, from the smoky quartz lariats to the 18K yellow gold ruby cocktail rings to the tundra sapphire chandelier earrings designed and assembled in the City of Lights and Love by one of my dearest friends, la femme douée, Ms. Olivia Wildenstein.

In the Keemee line, there are two collections from which to choose: costume and fine. The former is the more affordable, more girl-in-her-20s of the two, while the latter is the more gala-appropriate, more for the lady-who-lunches city-sophisticate.

Since the very first day I started this blog, I knew I was a clothes and shoes girl, not an accessories girl and certainly not a jewellery girl. Today, that preference still stands, but just because I don't wear necklaces of any kind, earrings that aren't muted studs or bracelets that aren't my no-they-really-don't-come-off set of seven Indonesian bangles, doesn't mean I can't recognize and recommend to you a stunning necklace, armband or bracelet when I see one.

And in Olivia's collection, boy, did I see more than one. I've rounded up a few of her treasures here below as an introduction, but I encourage you to head over to her site yourself and check out both her first and second sets of costume and fine collections in all their sparkling glory.



bff in chicago said...

That armband would be so elegant with a simple white or black strapless gown. But $6K?? Damn.

brown rowergirl said...

I know you don't wear necklaces, but how do you not LOVE that first one you posted? It's gorgeous!

And $180 isn't *that* bad. I'm thinking about it...

Anonymous said...

Just checked out the site. Not crazy about the gems (but I'm not a gem person), but the gold pieces are so stunning. that circles bracelet you featured is my favorite of them all. But then again, if I had $6,000, I'd probably be putting it toward shoes and rent, not a bracelet.

knew you as hannie, too said...

If she's such a dear friend, does that mean she can get your other dear friends a discount?

a BIG discount?

Love the necklace!