21 May 2007

Quotes of the day: Elizabeth Kucinich

“I have never noticed [the age difference] at all...Dennis is a very mature but young-at-heart gentleman and we complement each other."

(Elizabeth Kucinich, 29, on what she thinks of her husband and their 31-year age difference)

“Can you imagine what it would be like to have real love in the White House?”

(Elizabeth, reminding women like Hillary it's important to still give your husband "real love," and by "real love" she means...uh-huh, yeah that)

On the outset, I should dislike these two.

Elizabeth, a ginger-haired hippie from the English countryside who lists her occupation as "Politician's wife!" and spells Christopher Walken as Christopher Walking on her MySpace page, and Dennis, a twice-divorced Roman Catholic vegan who looks like every cute child TV star who's unfortunately grown into a cute adult, may gravitate toward everything from which Dick and I shy away such as peaceful resolutions, careless misspellings, Tofurkey and Christmas Mass, but somehow, if I might borrow the lazy analyst's crutch of an explanation -- they just seem to work.

And in addition to both enjoying Elizabeth's tongue piercing, the Kama Sutra (the film, not the book, incidentally) and long-distance e-mail flirtations, these two kids have also managed to stop sending naughty pictures back and forth just long enough to make their mark on DC's social scene, a fact no doubt helped by the reality that not even the two of them take Dennis' bid for the 2008 presidency very seriously.

She may be 6 inches taller and 31 years younger than her man, but you have to admit, it's quite refreshing to see a political couple who you don't immediately assume has slept in separate bedrooms for the past decade and that doesn't personify the 'Too-Bad'-lifestyle Dorothy Parker captures frighteningly well in her we-both-picked-the-wrong-one-but-we-keep-on-keepin'-on-anyway tale of look-the-other-way-while-we-eat marital bliss.

And no, Mormons don't count. They're always happy.


intern in the city said...

it's so true! Mormons *are* always happy! what gives?

Anonymous said...

You wrote: She may be 6 inches taller and 31 years younger than her betrothed

He ceased to be her betrothed when they married.

Sorry, can't resist the correction...

Johanna said...

thank you for you conscientiousness. error remedied!

Anonymous said...

and she's modest, too! sigh...